Galactic Federation of Light

5 Primary Races

The main races of the Galactic Federation are the main contributors to human DNA. These are the Elohim races (Elohim refers to beings who descend directly from 12D-Source). These are Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans and Orions. Pleiadians are the oldest star race within Galactic Federation and close in power to their friends, the Arcturians. There are about 40 member races within Galactic Federation, with several “junior” races working alongside the “senior” races to learn from them.

Each of the primary Elohim races of Galactic Federation are represented by an Elder-Leader. Each world can have many Elders, but one is designated as Chief Elder. Ikai of Taygeta leads Pleiadians and Galactic Federation in all matters relating to The Shift.

The Pleiadian (LASHAE) leaders are:
Ikai – Taygeta (AMEKA)
Sananda – Merope (MOEKAH)
Leemia – Electra (EKAMISHEE)
Jawelah – Sterope AHMOKOLI
Minoee – Atlas (ASHIH)
Manakak – Alcyone (SHAMEKIH)
Bashedah – Celaeno – (SILOMEEH)
Asopelah – Maia (MEISHO)

The Arcturian (CLASHIK / CLAS) leader is Wanovar.
The Sirian (NOPPLIA) leader is Ashtar.
The Andromedan (MESHALEA / MES) leader is Roshee.
The Orion (OLAIS) leader is Mikosah.

40 Member Races

Neioh – There are about 40 total races represented in Galactic Federation. The main races are the only ones that people would have heard about. There are others throughout the Galaxy that do attend meetings at times but have no major input. It is more of a Friendship and teaching. We try to Unite all as we move on this Journey. This Light Expansion will Never end and eventually the Galactic Federation will grow massively. There are 40 more planets that are invited as We decide. No names would be known or recognized. After the Shift, We will begin expanding and IKAI will be the Master of deciding who is Official in the Group.

Whose Crafts Do We See?

Currently only those aligned with Galactic Federation are allowed near Earth. About 15-20 extraterrestrial groups are coming and going in crafts at any given time. All craft sightings in recent years are Galactic Federation or races allowed by them.

Each of the primary Galactic Federation ‘Elohim’ races are seen in crafts in the order highest to lowest that they incarnate as human:

1. Pleiadian
2. Arcturian
3. Sirian
4. Andromedan
5. Other

There are benevolent and malevolent Orions incarnated as human but there are no Orion crafts present. “Other” is a small number of friendly ETs who aren’t members of Galactic Federation.

Primary Galactic Federation Members


Pleiadians are called LASHAE and the leader of the Pleiadians is Ikai from Taygeta (AMEKA). Pleiadians are known as the first Elohim race in creation and leaders of Galactic Federation. They are close with Archangels, Fairies and Arcturians, and often have mixed families with Arcturians. Pleiadians are extremely powerful but always loving and peaceful. They are light-skinned with “nordic” human features. They have light or dark hair. They wear different styles of clothing at home, from loose fitting shirts to silky dresses, and often walk around completely nude. Pleiadians wear light blue, skin tight uniforms with silver boots. For special meetings and ceremonies, Elders wear robes, headbands or headdresses of crystals. READ MORE


Arcturians are the CLASHIK from CLAS, and the leader is WANOVAR. Arcturians are only second to Pleiadians in power. They stand anywhere from 3ft to 15ft tall, and have blue skin and a large head. They are mostly bald, but some have hair. They wear white and gold robes to meetings with high collars and long sleeves. Their casual style is loose-fitting pants and silky tunic-like tops. They wear crystals of many colors in robes or worn on necklaces. Women wear them in their hair, and in bands around their heads. READ MORE


Sirans are the NOPPLIA and their leader is ASHTAR. Sirians are a powerful Elohim race with many connections to Earth. They are about average human size, with pale white skin. Their faces are mostly human-looking but with dark blue eyes that are turned up at the side, thin lips and a slit nose. Men and women can have long hair or can be bald. They wear crystals and hooded cloaks to galactic meetings. READ MORE


The Andromedans are known as the MES from MESHALEA, and are another very beautiful and loving Elohim race with Elders in the Galactic Federation. They look very human-like, and stand about 6-7 ft tall. Some have hair, and some don’t. They are much like Pleiadians and live very holistic lives and are not as tech-oriented as Pleiadians. They wear robes to galactic meetings. READ MORE


Orions are OLAIS from OLAI. They are generally Reptilian. There are positive and negative Reptilians. Some stand upright and some crawl on the ground like lizards. The ones who stand are more consciously awake. The Orions connected to Galactic Federation stand upright and are bright yellow in color. They have claws on their hands. They incarnate as human but the Reptilians themselves are kept away from Earth until after The Shift. There are no Cabal secretly meeting with Reptilians in this era. READ MORE


The Shamaline are one of two races who are members of Galactic Federation, who work closely with Pleiadians, but are seen as more “junior” members, and are still learning. Shamaline are from a planet in the outer Milky Way Galaxy. They are close to all the Galactic Federation races, and very human-like in behavior. They have assisted and visited throughout Earth’s history. They stand 5 ft tall, without hair, caucasian skin, large eyes, a longer nose and chin than a human, and a small slit mouth. They wear robes in many colors, and headbands covered in crystals. They are usually homebodies, but are now traveling often with Galactic Federation as they learn the ways of Pleiadians and Arcturians. They often assist with missions relating to checking crystals from crafts. They love to be in sunlight. None are incarnated as human. READ MORE


The Veece are from a planet in the outer Milky Way. They are a joyful race with high technology. They love to travel on their own but also travel with Galactic Federation to learn. They stand about 9-12 ft tall, with the build of a thin basketball player, with pale white skin and asian-looking facial features. They are often working out of bases in Antarctica. They have elders, children, they drink water and eat food. They wear big bright colorful cloaks in meetings, with crystals everywhere. None are incarnated as human. READ MORE

Junior Galactic Federation Members