Laka – In This Communication, We Will Reveal With Great Love, A Race That Began Much Like You. Living In Duality, They Experienced Chaos, Disease And Death Of The Body Form. With Upgrades Of The Body And Teachings Of Light, These Souls Are Thriving In A Frequency Of Perfection. Let’s Review The Beginning Of Creation For These Beautiful Beings And Their Progression To Become Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation!

Millions Of Years Ago In The Understanding Of Earth’s Perception, Souls Were Created By Source Energy On A Star Called KUT. The Souls Call Themselves KUTAKEIZ. They Were Quite Humble In Their Manner Of Existence With Clay Huts, Tents And Seeking Food As Sustenance. Living In Meager Surroundings With Ever Growing Egos, Brought Pain And Suffering With Short Lifespans.

The KUTAKEIZ Lived Approximately Fifty Years Without Any Resolutions To Their Short Lives Of Unhappiness. There Were No Awakenings To Peace With The Understanding Of The Soul And Higher Awareness. They Lived And Died Over And Over As Incarnations Back Into Their Own Race Were Meaningless. Indeed, It Took Thousands Of Years Of Hardships Before Souls Pondered The Possibilities That Were Always Present Within.

These Beings Stand Four Feet Tall With Very Light Cream Colored Skin And Light Green Eyes. Their Hair Is White And Silky. They Wear Simple Clothing With Shorts And Loose Tops And Bare Feet. All Food Is Grown With Vegetables And Fruits Being Available To All Beings That Live On KUT.

These Souls That Longed For Peace, Created Greater Chaos As They Fought With One Another And Destroyed Their Own Lives. Families Played Games And Created Art. But Nothing Brought Peace To The Weary Minds Of The KUTAKEIZ.

In The Greatest Moments Of Their Perceived Suffering As An Outcome Of Their Own Choices, Their Voices Were Heard. With The Ongoing Travels Of The Galactic Federation, It Was Inevitable That Visits To KUT Would Transpire. It Was The Call Of Elder And Commander Leemia From Electra That Brought Changes To The KATAKEIZ. Indeed, The Presence Of The Galactic Federation Would Change Everything On This Star Of Chaos.

Bodies Were Upgraded To Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts By Elder Leemia And His Friends. A Sense Of Peace And Relief Was Felt Throughout All Souls On KUT. Homes Of Beauty Were Created And Great Teachings From The Higher Realms Were Shared. Animals That Once Died Quickly Were Upgraded In Bodies To Thrive And Never Experience Death Again.

Many Beautiful KUTAKEIZ Were Recruited To Join The Magnificent Galactic Federation As Junior Members. Wearing Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots, They Travel On Gallant Missions Of Light. When The Grand Shift Unites Great Galactic Civilizations, These Members Will Rise To A Greater Status Of Service.

The Souls Remaining On KUT Enjoy Dressing In Elaborate Apparel As They Gather With Their New Leader, Elder Shomeak. They Play Crystal Instruments And Dance As They Celebrate Life. Pleiadians Have Visited Often And AKATU Has Taught Them The Joy Of Vehicular Crafts And Telepathy Belts. There Is Great Joy In The Infinite Lives Of Those Walking In Peace On KUT.

Laka – The KUTAKEIZ From KUT