Who are the Shamaline?

Neioh – Beloved Friends! In Many Moments Of Sharing Life In The Vast Cosmos, We Understand How Strange These Beings Sound To You In 3-D Earth. Know Fully, Many Feel The Same Toward Other Beings That Are Faraway.

Take What Resonates As Truth And Leave The Rest! For One Can Only Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness. Everyone Is On A Journey Of Their Soul. There Is No Competition. We Are Simply Reminding You Of What You Already Know In The Higher Realms.

These Beings Will Be Familiar Friends As The Earth Shifts To Sheen!

The SHAMALINE Race Is From A Planet In The Outer Milky Way Galaxy. It Is Called SHAMAL. It Is Much Smaller Than Earth. There Are Differences And Similarities In These Wonderful Beings That You Will Unite With In Sheen.

As SHAMALINES Grew In Knowledge And Light From The Assistance Of The Galactic Federation, Many Chose To Join The Light Forces And Learn Further As They Worked Alongside Another Member. Arcturians And Pleiadians Became Trusted Friends And The Scope Of Technology Grew Quickly As SHAMALINES Had The Expertise Of The Most Advanced Beings With Them.

SHAMALINES Are 5 Feet Tall With Caucasian Skin Color. They Have Large Eyes, A Longer Nose Than Humans And A Slit Mouth. They Enjoy Colorful Robes And Headbands Covered With Crystals. They Have No Hair And They Enjoy Being In Sunlight As Their Energy Centers Are Bathed In Light Daily With Exposure.

They Are Loving And Friendly But Prefer Being Alone On Their Planet. They Consider All Others Of Their Race To Be Family. They Do Not Have Mates And They Procreate Energetically To Have Children. They Enjoy Meditation, Dancing, Singing, Art And Staying Active With Swimming In The Large Oceans Around The Planet.

They Grow A Substance That Contains All Nutrients Needed In Their Body. The Substance Is Smooth And Red And Grows In Pods. Each Pod Would Be A Single Meal. There Are Vast Areas Of Pods And Fresh Water.

They Live In Mountains That Are Converted To Beautiful Homes Within. Areas Have Been Cleared And Sculpted To Perfection. Crystals And Lovely Materials Form Chairs And Bedding For All. Many Meetings Are Held Within These Private Areas.

SHAMALINES With The Light Forces Have Visited Earth Many Times In Ancient Dreams To Assist In Building Pyramids And Great Areas Of Beauty Seen In Your Waking Dream. They Choose Not To Incarnate But It Is Only Because They Enjoy Their Life At Home With Expanded Consciousness. They Have Great Knowledge And The GF Has Gifted Them With The Joy Of The Celebrations Of Sheen. They Will Meet You As Friends And Return To SHAMAL.

You Have Seen Many Pleiadian And Arcturian Crafts Checking Crystal Placement For The Soon Coming Shift. SHAMALINES Are Often On These Crafts And Look Down At You With Great Love! You Have Friends In High Places That You Will Soon Remember!

Laka – The Race Called Shamaline

Shamaline At Holloman Air Force Base, 1971

In this Feb 25, 2023 interview, “Moment of Contact” filmmaker James Fox retells a story about a film taken at Holloman AFB in 1971 in which a disc-shaped craft lands and extraterrestrial beings step out to greet military personnel. They have long noses, big eyes and slit mouths, matching the Pleiadian description of the Shamaline.

Footage Of UFO Landing At Holloman AFB With Aliens Walking Out Exists, Producer Told James Fox