The Soul and Higher Self

All beings with souls are extensions of God. Therefore, all beings are also God. This is what Jesus taught. We’re all children of God, and God is found by going within, to the soul connection.

Your Soul, or Higher Self, is the real you. This is the part of you that has access to knowledge your thinking brain does not. The part of you that is eternal and can never be destroyed. All experiences go towards soul growth. Anyone can connect to their Soul or Higher Self and ask questions, and receive answers.

The Human Experience

Human beings are eternal souls incarnated into temporary physical vessels. Our experiences are a combination of free will choices and pre-birth planning. The physical body is the vehicle through which our soul consciousness experiences this dimension, or frequency of reality.

Earth is a school, not a prison. Every soul is here for a reason. 3D Earth is a duality matrix where evil can pretend to be good, and lower consciousness humans must experience trials and errors to overcome this deception. Earth souls have been manipulated by dark forces, but this has all been preparation for Ascension.


All souls are from God, and all souls are “old souls”, but not all souls have the same path of experience. Most humans have lived lifetimes exclusively on Earth. These Souls evolve upwards in vibration through the trials of living in duality.

Non-terrestrial souls, or starseeds, have origins in other star systems, and choose to come to Earth, to participate in duality as a human. These souls can be from any ET origin, including Elohim.

There has been a great influx of souls in the past century to raise the vibration of the planet and begin the mass awakening that will precede the Shift.

Spirit Guides

Guides are higher beings who volunteer to assist from nonphysical in guiding individuals towards higher vibration choices. For starseeds, they are Soul Family, and switch places over lifetimes. For Earth souls, Guides are volunteers from other worlds.

All About The Soul

Who or What is God?

It’s important to begin with a common understanding of what we mean when we say “God”. There have been many walking, talking beings that have been called God in Earth’s history. The God that is the Source of ALL THAT IS isn’t an individualized being like us. God is bigger than the human mind can comprehend. Infinite. God isn’t a character in the story, but all of the characters, and the story itself.


When Pleiadians speak of “God”, they mean the Source from which all Creation is expressed. The name isn’t important. All that matters in one’s intent when honoring God.

God is Love and Unity, and the divine essence that exists within all living things. To be in alignment with God is to rise in vibration. Lower vibrations are in opposition to Love and Unity.

Many refer to God as “Father” or “He” which is inaccurate. God is not a person and doesn’t have a gender. In Aramaic, Jesus called God ABWOON, which means Birther, or Source, and is not the word for Father, ABBA.

Neioh – As Humans Have Searched For Names For The Most Divine Essence Since The Beginning Of Life With Forms, God Was Found To Be An Acceptable Name That Was Created From A Thought Construct Of Energy. A Closer And More Accurate Name Is, ‘I AM’. Why Is This Important To You? Because You Hold The Presence Of This Divinity.

Scriptures Are Full Of The Teaching Of, ‘I AM’. The God Of The Ego, Teaches Fear, Division And War, And Believes God Has These Aspects. God Is The Powerful Creator That Is Love And Light! There Is No Division Or Discord In Love. We Teach That In Light You Find Your Power. As ‘You Move And Live And Have Your Being In God’, Understand, You Carry ‘I AM’ Within. As You Speak And Think, Your Words Are Powerful Creators Of Your Story. To Find Your Greatest Power, Speak As ‘I AM’.

Neioh – IAM

Mother-Father God (EE-AH)

The first manifestation of the female and male polarities in Creation are Mother-Father God. These are 2 consciousnesses existing outside any collective or civilization. They are divine beings. Elohim and Galactic Races follow the pattern of Mother-Father God. All souls have experienced living as male and female. We are made in the image of Elohim and Mother-Father God, with God-Source within us all.

Mother Nature (MAIA)

Pleiadians do not worship any God, but they honor the divine feminine Mother Spirit in nature. Maia is the Pleiadian name for the Love that covers all of nature.

Sky Gods of Mythology

Gods of ancient myths are based on stories of extra-terrestrial “sky gods” who visited Earth in ancient times. Some were worshiped as gods. Some came as teachers and friends. Negative ETs divided nations and demanded worship from the elites through rituals which later became hidden from view.

“Father” in Abrahamic Religions

The Elites publicly worshiped anunnaki like Apollo and Zeus until Christianity, at which point they continued pagan worship in secret. They changed the name of Yeshua to Jesus to honor Zeus – ‘Hail Zeus’. They arranged many separate sources of knowledge in such a way to minimize the God that Jesus taught, and promote the angry Sky Father, and an eternal blood sacrifice ritual.

Holy Spirit

There isn’t a separate entity called the Holy Spirit. There is the essence of God-Source that exists within all things. God manifests in many ways, which through doctrine has been attributed as a separate entity.

Soul Incarnations

What is the process of Soul Incarnation? Who chooses where you end up?

The Soul chooses the incarnation, and the Elohim Light Forces (Galactic Federation) manage the process. Family, Friends and Guides help Souls choose incarnations between lives.

All Souls are light, but the identity can become dark in many incarnated lifetimes, the being is out of alignment with their Soul purpose. The fallen Elohim have been participating in duality both as the unseen spiritual Dark Forces, and as human incarnations also chosen by them. These roles are only going to be allowed until the moment of Ascension, and even though Light Forces have been allowing duality for the experience, those who chose darkness will pay the price. The Soul is never destroyed, but the original being can be taken to the Central Sun.

All Souls were created in perfection. It is the repetitive choice of darkness that is the Identity chosen that makes the Being dark, not the Soul.

If an identity chooses darkness over and over, it is because the vibrational frequency is so familiar that this is who they want to be, or experience again and again. They are attracting dark or negative energy which is in their consciousness, in an aspect that was once perfect. The Soul is not part of this. A Soul cannot be harmed or become evil.

The stories can change as you know, which is the false identity, but if there is repetition of choosing to harm, with no consciousness of compassion, the identity, is so dark that even though the Soul has made a new plan, the remembering upon arrival becomes the dominant force, and they are once again not aligned with their Soul.

Those that choose darkness have become as entities living in a body, detached from a Soul connection. Going to the Central Sun, or being destroyed, is the entity who has become totally dark and resistant by choice to Light. All is free will and even with another chance and choice, they want to be dark.

As far as incarnations from planets to Earth with a purpose, it is also with their Family and Friends as to who comes. But it is the Soul that arrives. Pleiadians and others are bi-local to Earth but can use aspects of Soul in multiple other ways if needed, as in showing up in body.

If there is a low frequency planet, and they will incarnate and face physical death, then just as Earth they are non-physical for as long as they choose, or they can reincarnate or return home.

All About The Soul


Neioh – WE wish to teach You more about reincarnation and the Soul’s choice. Before each Incarnation, there is a Meeting of Souls. In this Sacred Meeting, there are many Decisions made. It seems that there is much confusion about life choices. However, it is very important to understand that once You enter this time-space Reality, You would not choose to have disability, pain or any type of suffering.

Why is this True for all? Because once You enter the Story of “You”, the Ego takes over. This is not the Soul. You forget Your Plan. You “think” You are this person with a name given to You. You struggle to understand all of the many trials You face. You witness so many going to the dark side. Others hold on to religion as a way of false safety.

In Truth, You are always safe! Awakening is realizing that You are living a brief story. You are a Powerful and Sacred Soul that is having a brief Human experience. This is one of unknown numbers You live in form. You will remember Who You Are when You leave the body. Awakening is knowing this before the body dies.

WE also want to remind You that You are sharing this time-space with others in the chosen dream. All have Free Will that is Gifted from our One Source Creator. So there is much suffering and Heartache as the witness to what You want to stop or prevent. But You are not able to change the Story for others or for Yourself except in the moment.

The many things that occur in your Life here were not planned by You. Many of them were. Nothing is wasted. Even the worst pain can be a catalyst to change for the better.

WE invite You to a Higher View of Humanity. To know that it is possible to find Peace Within in a perceived planet of pain. To Choose Love over Fear. To learn True Forgiveness. Realize the impermanence of the Story of “You”.
Remember Who You Are!


Your thoughts create your reality. To understand what this means, you must understand that thoughts are created in astral, or 4D, and manifest into your physical reality in various ways when given enough feeling and focus.

All of creation is holographic. Everything is connected in the Mind of God, or Universal Field of Consciousness. The principle known as the Law of Attraction refers to our ability to connect to this field through our thoughts and feelings.

For every cause there is an effect, and energy comes back to us through our thoughts and actions. Similar frequencies attract. Energy balances across lifetimes. Consciousness is the quantum part of DNA. The crossover between chemical and quantum.

Awareness and will come together and form a union of order. In the physical realms, this life takes on a fractal form, as energy systems produce extreme coherence.

In the mental realms, life takes on coherence of logic and reason, along with emotion and feelings, giving rise to insight, creativity, and sense-making thoughts.


Linear time is an illusion. Everything is happening in the “now” moment, yet our physical mind can only perceive events in a linear progression. All past lifetimes are happening simultaneously, and we have access to them through our Higher Self – Soul connection.

Physical Death

We are eternal souls having a brief human experience and physical death is just a transition back to who we really are. There’s pain and sadness from the human perspective, but from the soul’s perspective, it’s all part of the plan. There is a peace for those leaving the body, as they are reunited with soul family and remember all of their experiences through the Akashic.

Density and Dimension

Dimension refers to location, and Density refers to State of Being. Each Dimension is composed of layers of frequency that we call Density.

Like octaves on a piano keyboard, there are 12 dimensions in our universe, and other universes beyond this one. Souls are multidimensional and can have simultaneous experiences across multiple dimensions.

Humans live on 3D Earth and are going to ascended to 5D Earth. Taygeta Pleiadians were created in 12D and exist on 7D Taygeta. They will interact with us in 5D. But these numbers are just a simple way for humans to learn and higher beings don’t count this way.

Density and Dimension

The Astral Plane

Astral is expansive. It’s where thoughts are created and exists within the consciousness of all beings. It’s where dreams take place. It’s also where beings travel in consciousness and interact in frequencies beyond physical perception.

Astral correlates to the 4th dimension, but astral travel, or consciousness travel, can happen in higher dimensions as well. Beings of many densities can be aware of each other here. There can be Angels, Pleiadians, souls exploring in consciousness, though-form entities, and lower demonic beings and parasites.

Astral Plane

What Other Kinds of Beings Exist in the Universe?

There is an infinite variety of life throughout the universe, in different densities and dimensions. Higher dimensional beings have an awareness of lower dimensional beings, but lower dimensional beings aren’t necessarily aware of higher dimensional beings. God grants all beings free will, therefore dark and light exist, and in lower dimensions such as this 3D Earth, dark can pretend to be light.


Elohim are beings which originate from 12th dimension in our Universe, and travel to lower dimensions and self-create themselves as they choose. They are the first in creation, and include Angels, Archangels, Fairies, Elementals and the most advanced races like Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians and Andromedans. 5 groups of Elohim collaborated to create the human body.

Light Beings and Angels

Angels can manifest on earth as people in times of need or if called on. Angels are the most common in the 12th. Higher beings can lower their vibration by choice to be visible within our 3rd dimensional frequency spectrum.


Archangels are Elohim that do not live as part of a society, but are always traveling and assisting others. Pleiadians are close to Michael and Metatron. There are many who are currently incarnated as human on Earth to help prepare Earth for the Shift.

Star Races

There are races across the universe at varying levels of development. Some who are at similar levels of development to Earth humans, and some who are far more advanced. There are many extraterrestrials at a high level, but not at the level of Elohim.

Fairies and Elementals

Fairies are Elohim, and serve as protectors of nature and animals. They are fae called ERA who have been friends to Pleiadians for millions of years. They are gentle, but extremely powerful and will attack dark entities. They can travel through portals anywhere they want to go.

There are beings called Elementals that have been with Pleiadians since the beginning, and other kinds who live for a thousand years. Some Elementals have received power from races they have helped.

Gnomes and Dwarves

Dwarfs, Gnomes (or Leprechauns) live underground as well as mountains and trees like the Fairies. They’re more human-like than Fairy. These kind of beings are not natively physical to our reality but can sometimes be seen.

Thought-forms Entities

Beings like Bigfoot are thought-forms that exist in 4D, and have the power to travel between dimensions into our 3D world. They are real but not an actual species that has a culture and reproduces. These kinds of beings would include various monsters that people have given energy through their consciousness through popular entertainment.

Extraterrestrials Disclosed by Pleiadians