Density & Dimension

Pleiadians define Density as Vibrational Frequency, and Dimension as Location. Pleiadians originated in the 12th Dimension, a location. This is where all Elohim originate. 7th Dimension Pleiades is the location chosen by these Souls, and in this location they are living as 7th Density. Pleiadians can adapt wherever they go but exist natively in 7th Density in the 7th Dimension.

Pleiadians do not use numbers to categorize anything but names and numbers are used for Human understanding. Everything is Vibrating at a certain Frequency. The Higher the Frequency, the more unseen it is to Human eyes. A High Vibrational Being can lower their Frequency to be seen. Fairies and Angels do this always. Pleiadians often manifest on Earth and control their Frequency to be seen or unseen by Humans.

4D Astral

Astral is a Location with many Frequencies. There are Angels, Fairies and those of a low Vibration. Angels, Light Beings, Fairies, Thought Form Entities and many ET Races enter Astral to explore, play or cause problems. All matter is Created in 4-D Astral before manifesting in 3-D. Everything Created began as a Thought.

Shifting to 5D

Earth is 3-D which simply is a location of a low Density Vibration. The Higher Realms cannot be seen. Earth is Shifting to a Higher Density (5-D) and many will choose to remain here. Others will choose to return to their 7-D Origin. Those known on Earth will be recognized as Souls. No relationships formed in Love will be broken. There will be no jealousy or strife. The Perspective will be from the Soul.

Aya – At the present time in speaking from earth, we have Ascended to BE in any Density. With our deep Love for Source and one another. All Creation. We inhabit the ability to exist with Angels and Light Beings. We have embraced them as our Family and we know them as we are known. In doing so, We also travel as they do and Ascend with them as called on for the Expansion of all Creation.

We are part of Divinity as All Creation but the difference is We Know. In Knowing and Feeling, Expansion takes place. There is no Awakening for us. This is a human label meaning to remember who you are as Source. Some humans Awaken to remember more of their Origin after emerging from Source as Source to various planets. Or their first.

We currently are able to access any level of Consciousness therefore our Intention and Mission is to assist in the Expansion of all Creation. We are here to assist and save this dying planet. It was once one of beauty and harmony. Taken over by greed and darkness, the masses were brainwashed and didn’t even realize they had lost all control. Now there is so much toxicity and hatred. So much fear and dread. People have forgotten their Source. They have believed the lie, incarnation after incarnation.

In between lives they remember and return in hopes to make a better plan. Born into darkness, their power is forgotten again.

We will change this. It may take time but it will happen. This is why we are here. Only for Love and Expansion and to raise the Vibrational Frequency of this living Entity called Earth. To assist in Awakening the masses after removing the darkness and shining Light brightly onto Earth again. We are Pleiadians and nothing can stop us.

Judith – The truth is there are no places that in reality are “dimensions”, but rather look at them as levels of energy that can only be perceived at certain levels of awareness. This awareness is something that can happen to any being or living creation at any time. In other words, 8,000 years ago or a million years ago, or 10 years ago in our current understanding of “time-space”. This is why ancient civilizations were so advanced because of us and other races as well as some that awakened on their own. Some without language or skills. Because we  are Souls!

Taygeta now is primarily 7th and also can experience 12th and higher. In the current teachings, Angels are the most common in the 12th and you seldom here of astral traveling there. But the truth is there is no boundary for any living creation to Source! That is the secret that is not a secret. It has been taught so much that people believe it.

You are living as Source with a free will. A stream connected to Source. A Divine Connection that forever can take you back to Source.

Since Source is the Origin of all, and can’t be seen, we must know everything is Source! But in awareness and belief this is not known by all. So Dimensions only exist in Awareness of what is real.

Angels reside in a high Frequency as do Ascended Masters and Light Beings. However these two are right outside our range of Awareness. Not in a place that can never be attained. Therefore we perceive physical reality even if one is blind because we have Consciousness and a Soul connection to Source. We see the planets that we are able to see and they are part of our physical reality to a point, and then just most can’t see non-physical here on earth, most are not able to see and know there is so much life on Taygeta.

Earth would judge this by earth’s physics and what they believe is possible for life to exist. But this is why a Pleiadian can exist in non-physical reality on earth. They can’t  be perceived unless they manifest. Angels can also manifest on earth as people in times of need or if called on. We are all Divine. All creation has no limits but once born into a certain time-space reality, it is often forgotten and only a few awaken to pure truth in that short life span.

Source is more like seeing a Spiral and not linear lifetime stemming outward. So each Soul is ever expanding and returning to pure knowledge in Source, in a sort of arch back and circling back out to go further. Ever Expanding without end.

In this return movement there is also great freedom. When leaving the body, there is at first some Consciousness of the False Identity Story you just lived. Then the full reality of who you really are. All of your history, your AKASHIC records so to speak.

You have just as much Divinity then as you did in any life or as you first were created as a part of Source. So you are God for people that use this name. Your Higher Self is this also. This is why you always have the answers you desire to know. If you ask, write it down. YOU ARE NOT MAKING IT UP. It only sounds foreign to your earth brain. Your Higher Self will tell you anything if you ask. So will your Guides. You have to trust that it might sound crazy but nobody will know but you. Start somewhere and you will see.

I personally have been awake and Consciously Aware of experiencing Dimensions (using this for teaching only, not the name of any place in truth) of Dimensions 3-12. There are absolute differences. I will still tell you that everything you experience in the 3rd is created by thought in the 4th, as you are living NOW. This is also a secret that many know.

This is the Law of Attraction as well. Meaning, think a thought, feel it, focus on it and what you want is created in the 4th. Whether it’s physically manifest is according to the strength it is given by your focus. Not just thought. Just thought will not do it, “feeling” is the big secret that people miss.

I can see all of this now. I see all that was created in this lifetime that is hard to see. Something within my brain opened to pure Consciousness and I see what was once hidden. It was terrifying not to understand this. I must deal with it. But I also see the beautiful things. I am also doing something different with Thought-Forms. I am feeling Love and looking straight at them. They back away and turn and walk away. But the feeling of Love they can’t stand. Interesting.

You are surrounded by life on many planes of existence. At the time you chose pre-birth, you will perceive. There is so much I have learned and we never arrive. Sending Love heals you and actually heals the person or place sent to, however small it seems. Nothing is wasted because LOVE is Source. Only Love is real in each reality. The rest ends and dissolves. Your Soul then chooses. I chose Taygeta.