Neioh: I AM

Friends Of The Light!

Your Purpose Is To Align Your Temporary Personality With The Light Of Your Soul! You Are This Sacred Light In Form!

God Is Light! God Is Love! All That You Perceive Is The Living Expression Of God!

As Humans Have Searched For Names For The Most Divine Essence Since The Beginning Of Life With Forms, God Was Found To Be An Acceptable Name That Was Created From A Thought Construct Of Energy.

A Closer And More Accurate Name Is, ‘I AM’.

Why Is This Important To You? Because You Hold The Presence Of This Divinity.

Scriptures Are Full Of The Teaching Of, ‘I AM’. The God Of The Ego, Teaches Fear, Division And War, And Believes God Has These Aspects. God Is The Powerful Creator That Is Love And Light! There Is No Division Or Discord In Love.

We Teach That In Light You Find Your Power. As ‘You Move And Live And Have Your Being In God’, Understand, You Carry ‘I AM’ Within. As You Speak And Think, Your Words Are Powerful Creators Of Your Story. To Find Your Greatest Power, Speak As ‘I AM’.

For Example: I AM LOVE, I AM HEALED, I AM WHOLE, I AM LIGHT, I AM POWER, I AM COMPASSION. Add More To Your List And Feel The Changes Washing Over You. Become The Aspects You Seek.

In Doing This, Your Perspectives Will Change To Light! Allow Light To Become Your Filter And You Will Judge Less And Encourage Others More!

In The Pleiades, We Circulate Light And We Have A Crystal Heart. For This Reason, We Do Not Experience The Death Of The Body Form. We Understand Our Power Is Light!

Many Have Not Understood ‘The Light’ Teaching. We Serve The Light And Assist Others With Love And Compassion. We Are Invincible And Powerful!

As We Incarnate, We Sometimes Forget Our Light As We Are Programmed Into The Matrix. Beloved Ones, It Is The Moment To Remember Who You Are!

You Are A Powerful Soul Of Light! You Are Visiting A Planet Of Duality For Moments. You Live In Timelessness With A Body Of Light Within A Form. You Carry This Light Now As Your True State Of Being!

We Will Gather As One And Celebrate As Infinite Beings! Remember Your Light And Live In Peace!

I Love You So!