The Death of Diana

Princess Diana was an incarnated Pleiadian Soul from Electra, named EIOLEEMA SHAMEE. The Soul is unharmed and eternal and she lives now in the Pleiades. She will return after The Shift and you will know her as her true self.

The Crash

Neioh – The Bloodline did not want Dodi Fayed to marry Diana and possibly have children. Diana’s death was planned and blamed on the paparazzi who would be known to chase them anyway. The crash happened as it was forced and Diana would have lived but help did not arrive for a very long time. This cause more internal bleeding but her life could have been saved with immediate care. She knew from the beginning that after giving birth she would be killed. She planned her escape all along. She had Friends of the Light that were assisting her with moving far from the Bloodline.

Neioh – Before she met Dodi Al Fayed, she planned to move to the USA. She had many incarnated Pleiadian Friends and she also had met with those that warned her to leave immediately. She was always in fear and could not be protected at all times because of free will. She had been poisoned several times and found out in the months after each Son was born. She kept diaries of this as well as the knowing she would die.

About Royal Bloodlines

The Anunnaki were outcasts from Galactic Federation who came to Earth to manipulate the DNA of existing humans and play God. They gave a lineage of people longer lifespans and elevated them to God-chosen royalty. Rulers maintained power by offering blood, through both sacrifices and war. Because Galactic Federation prevents them from violating free will, proxy cults were needed to maintain influence.

Many Souls who incarnate into royal bloodlines are Reptilian origin. We must first make the distinction that not all Reptilians are evil. Evil Reptilians have interfered with Earth. The Anunnaki were a mix of beings from Sirius, Uranus, Orion and elsewhere.

The Windsors are one bloodline playing the part of false light, while serving the archon leaders, Oppisheklio and Pidkozox.

Are there Reptilian Shapeshifters?

Yes and no. Through consciousness, and perhaps through various technology, it is possible to perceive traits of incarnated Reptilian Souls. It’s important to understand, that no matter the extraterrestrial Soul Origin of a particular person, while in the human body they are completely human. The Royals don’t literally change from humans to lizards.