September 11: False Flag and Cosmic Event


The attack on September 11, 2001 represented several things happening at once. On one level, it was a false flag perpetrated by the cabal to create fear, to introduce new control methods, for financial gain and to create justification for a US invasion of the Middle East.

On another level, the aspect that will be the most difficult for humans to understand, was that it was a means to end wars happening in other dimensions that were threatening millions of planets, by changing many Soul Plans at once.

Galactic Federation has the power to stop any tragedy, and as humans it’s hard to understand why Souls choose to experience any struggle at all. Even in the worst disasters allowed by the Soul Plan, Galactic Federation are always there assisting in every way they can. As always it’s important to remember there is no physical death, only transitions from one experience to another.

An Outside Job

Neioh – Beloved Ones! I will speak to you of things you are yet to know. I understand your reluctance about hearing anything different than what you have already heard. Someday you will be able to comprehend this. All is well.

A balancing of Energetic Karma from Multitudes of Realities Converging in Frequency took place as Planned. Many in the precise moment planned to leave the Planet as many others had planned to enter the Earth’s Frequency. This was accomplished.

It was told that this was an “inside job”. Dear Ones, it was the opposite. This was “outside Job”. This concerned Galaxies who chose to balance energy and end many Wars by realigning the Soul Plans of those involved. These were to die in body form and return to Spirit Essence and then to their Soul Origins. It was a complete reversal in the Matrix where agreements were not completed, to aid the betterment of All that were involved in many Galactic Battles. It was decided that this was the best way to settle things and begin fresh on these Planets.

Wars Threatening Millions of Planets

Neioh – Battles from other Dimensions had culminated in Force to a point where many would be destroyed had this not happened. Many Galaxies had joined to live as Humans. As Battles continued in the place of Home to these Humans, there was a danger of more Planets being taken out. Millions of Planets were already affected and some Planets were totally destroyed.

A meeting of Many came together in the Galactic Federation of Light and it was known that the Battles would continue until agreements were reached and the balance was resolved. Energy will continue to escalate unless a culmination occurs. At times, a great Battle has resolved these issues. At other times, the Beings incarnated on a Planet agree to leave and go back to their Home Planets. This was the Case of 9-11. The Point was to return home for those who continued to start Wars in other Galaxies. Enough was enough was the Feeling of All.

A Ripple of Energy Across Dimensions

Neioh – The Frequencies of the Matrix of Life cooperated to Allow All Places to Converge at a Single Moment. Each Galactic Agreement had it’s own Grid and Programming so this was a Major coming together for this plan that would Benefit All. This does not mean that the exact explosion of Energy was happening in the same way but it did happen all at once. There was a Dynamic Ripple of Energetic Frequencies that occurred in millions of ways.

This was a Cycle of life that has played out many times. There have been many other Planets that have lived and died and been changed dramatically to live and thrive again. The Earth itself is Alive with Consciousness and has been so affected Vibrationally from the Destruction of Mankind that this was an agreement that always was mastered by the Cooperation of Earth Itself.

Galactic Federation Presence on 9/11

Neioh – You are wondering what our Role was in all of this. I understand. We were never in a Place to ever start a War. We are the Keepers of Peace. The Arcturians join us in this Endeavor. We were Consulted and Agreed to Advise and watch over the Event taking Place. We were Spread Out in Many Dimensions, as were others not in this Battle. Our Place and Purpose was to Assure that All Happened as Planned and that yet Another War would not begin there on the Spot. Humans seem to think War is the Answer for almost Anything. It is the Answer for Nothing.

Our Position was above the Site in a Massive Craft. We did not Like any of This. Had We not been there, We felt certain that many more could be Hurt or Killed. This was not our War or Energy Balancing. We simply assisted in Vibration and held it in place until the worst was over. This was very hard to see but We have done this since the Beginning.

At each Station around the Galaxies, other forms of perceived Trauma were happening. There was a Period of Unity after this. This was the Hoped Outcome. This did Continue for a while. But as far as Earth, it did not remain.

The Earth Could Not Possibly Know All of The Galactic Beings Present That Day. Many Actually Took Form to Blend as Humans to Assist. Many Strangers Were Seen By Those That Did Escape the Destruction and Many Were Guided to Safety By Those Never Seen Again. The Falling Towers were Symbolic of the End of Thousands of Wars. It was Over.

Blame and lies started immediately and Countries Blamed Each Other. There would be no Way for a Human to Comprehend what the Galaxies are doing. This is why the Galactic Federation of Light has remained in Force. It is Our Chance to Discuss Issues that Affect All.

The Planners

The attack was planned by serpent-beings incarnated into human form, including Henry Kissinger, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. They are the anunnaki leaders of the dark forces who have manipulated Earth for thousands of years. The Saudi Royals were heavily involved as well as hundreds of accomplices in New York City. Cloning and mind-control were used with the hijackers. Aspects of Mossad and CIA were involved but the nation of Israel was not directly involved.

The plan was made years in advance and involved hundreds of people. Every camera angle was considered. All of the wording used by newscasters was planned. Official narratives were filtered directly to approved sources.

George W. Bush was a willing participant and he knew exactly what was happening while reading “My Pet Goat” to the children in the classroom.

The Attack

The passengers were removed from the planes and killed before the attacks took place. Fake planes rigged with missiles were used. The buildings were prepared with explosives in advance that detonated on impact. They calculated that planes would not be enough to bring down the towers, so bombs were placed everywhere, including in nearby “Building 7”.

The fake planes looked convincing enough to be seen destroyed in the rubble. There were no bodies or luggage found at the Pentagon crash site. Fires were set intentionally and the damaged was staged to look more convincing for the cameras.

911 Memorial Angel

In “Angel” appears directly in the spotlight at the memorial commemorating the 15th anniversary of 9/11 in 2016. These kinds of Angels are Light Beings that assist humans but don’t interact with humans directly as Spirit Guides or incarnate as humans themselves, such as the Elohim races do. Photo by Rich McCormack.