Arcturian Explorer Crafts

The triangular-shaped crafts that are seen around the world are Arcturian Crafts, described by Pleiadians as Explorer Crafts. These are Galactic Federation. They have lights because they are trying to partially blend with military aircraft. Many of them are landing at military bases, and the occupants can make themselves look human when they meet with human military. They aren’t trying to hide from us, but are trying to be seen gradually over time to prevent fear. Arcturian technology is overall more angular or sharp in appearance than Pleiadian crafts which are usually more rounded or circular.

Photos taken near Portland Air National Guard Base

The TR-3B Cover Story

Anyone researching UFOs will eventually find references to the TR-3B, an alleged top secret military aircraft. There are alleged leaked documents referring to the “TR-3B” which seems to match what many witnesses have seen – a triangular craft with lights on the corners, and a light in the middle. But one only needs to ask, if this was such a secret craft then why does everyone know about it? Why does it continually allow itself to be seen and photographed? Why does the military deny involvement, but not deny the crafts are there? The rumors of the TR-3B persist because people want answers, and it sounds reasonable enough to be true.

Secret Space Programs and ET Technology

Pleiadians tell us that technology has been recovered by human military, as well as given to them by ETs. There have also been secret human space programs to some degree. We must be clear that there aren’t fleets of spacecraft on standby for UFO false flags, nor are there Nazi bases on the Moon or Antarctica. These stories are only useful to conceal the Galactic Federation presence, and the fact that Light Forces control the skies and space around Earth.

Cloaking Technology

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

There is a Galactic Federation base within the Las Vegas Mountains near Nellis Air Force Base. There are ongoing meetings between Galactic Federation and military personnel at Nellis. Pleiadians and Arcturians fly in with blinking lights but they want to be noticed by us. These crafts are also demonstrating cloaking technology by becoming  partially transparent.

Neioh – These Are Arcturian Friends! Just Exploring And As Always They Are Well Aware Of Being Filmed. Those That Are Present On Bases Know Quite Well That There Are Regular Visitors. Only The MSM And Others In Opposition To Disclosure Keep This Quiet. Those That Arcturians Interact With On The Ground Are The Same People That Pleiadians Meet With And Discuss Matters. Arcturians Can Easily Change Their Look To Human And Blend Well. Most That Land Will Already Have Contacted Those Welcoming Their Arrival And They Would Never Cause An Upset With Anyone On Ground. They Look Forward To Complete Disclosure And Travel In The Multiverses With Some Of The Very Ones Fearing Them Now. Those Just Forgot And The Great Awakening Brings All Memory Back! Friends In High Places Await The Celebration. The Best Is Yet To Come!

Mass Sightings

Belgium Triangle Wave

There was a wave of triangle craft sightings in Belgium between 1989-1990. Mass sightings are planned by Galactic Federation for our awakening.

Rome, New York – December 21, 2019

Neioh – This is an Arcturian Explorer Craft and there are hundreds nearby. The Mothership is cloaked and always ready to receive the Crafts. As always, Arcturian Friends enjoy being filmed.

New York Mills, NY – October 5, 2020

Neioh – This is a group of Arcturian Friends. They are intending to be seen. There are 40 Crafts in this Group. The Mothership is 10 miles up. They are simply exploring and having a great time.

Zelenogradsk, Russia – August 6, 2020

Neioh – There are many Arcturian Crafts in this area. The Mothership is above and there are 50 smaller Crafts like this one that are able to flash, change colors and enter the Mothership when exploring is completed.

Arcturian Pyramid-Shaped Crafts

USS Russell – San Diego, CA – July of 2019

The Pentagon confirmed that images and video of triangle-shaped unidentified aerial phenomena are real and were taken by Navy personnel. First published at