Arcturian Crafts & Technology

Arcturians are at a similar level of technology as Pleiadians. They both use powerful Light-based technology that not all galactic races possess. Arcturians prefer angular-shaped crafts. Arcturians show their humor in the odd shapes they make in the sky: smoke rings, kites, balloons. Their Triangle Crafts are often mistaken for the “TR-3B”. Arcturians land at our military bases and can easily blend with humans when needed.

Cameras & Sensors

Over the Atlantic, 2018

Neioh – This is an Arcturian Craft that is monitoring Vibrational Frequency and placement of Crystals In the area. There are Arcturians and Pleiadians in this Craft and Flying in the Fleet of 30. The Mothership in this instance is Arcturian and sits 40 miles above.

San Ramon, CA – September 20, 2020

Neioh – This is an Arcturian Craft that is able to detect Energy and take photos through Densities! At the same moment of taking the photo in 3D, it is able to show what is present in the exact spot in other Vibrational Frequencies. This is done for teaching purposes at Galactic Meetings as the Multiverses are moving, shifting and changing rapidly.

Los Angeles, CA – October 4, 2019

Neioh – Many visit and play from the Pleiades with our closest Friends, the Arcturians. The Flashing is playful and a series of photos are being taken. The Lights are being exaggerated to draw attention for Disclosure.

Hawaii – November 14, 2019

Neioh – That is Arcturian. It is coming from the Mothership which is far below in water. Arcturians are very playful and totally enjoy being filmed. They are also filming many objects and people.

São Paulo, Brazil – November 16, 2019

Neioh – That is a very small Arcturian camera. There is always a huge Mothership nearby when you see a small craft or camera. The cameras are controlled by a small craft and this craft comes from the Mothership and also explores. There are many onboard both the smaller crafts and the Mothership.

Arcturian Explorer Crafts

Portland Air National Guard Base

Simi Valley, CA – April 2, 2018

Kumburgaz, Turkey – 2009

For several days in 2009 many different kinds of crafts were seen near the Sea of Mar­mara just off the coast of Kum­burgaz, Turkey. In this particular footage, Arcturians can clearly be seen inside the craft.

Gemini 10 Mission – July 1966

Pyramid Crafts

USS Russell – San Diego, CA – July of 2019

The Department of Defense has confirmed that images and video of triangle-shaped unidentified aerial phenomena are real and were taken by Navy personnel. First published on

Arcturian Pyramid Crafts over the Pentagon – December 19, 2018

NASA STS-61-C – January 12, 1986

Arcturian Motherships

ISS Live Camera Feed

Via Neioh – Arcturian Motherships arriving for meetings and observation, 2017

Arcturian Fleets

Giza, Egypt – December 3, 2020

Neioh – This is an Arcturian Fleet. There are 40 in this Fleet and not all are seen. The Mothership is 20 miles up. The Purpose of this Fleet is to measure Crystal placement beneath the ground. The Crafts are able to come together and look to be as One. When this is done they are interfacing and able to see within the other Crafts which have complete Transparency all around. When Data is collected, the Mothership will signal and all will Ascend to the open Ramp and enter the Mothership.

New York, NY – 2010

Mass sighting over New York City, 2010