Galactic Federation Bases

There are Galactic Federation bases all over Earth and throughout our Solar System. Some have been located by observant researches while many more remain hidden. There are bases in mountains, the ocean, and the bottom of deep lakes. Their technology allows bases to be built within solid matter, completely undetectable to humans. Their crafts easily move through solid objects or underwater.

There are human White Hats who travel with Pleiadians and Arcturians to Galactic Federation bases. These are often people connected to Military Intelligence (NSA). Sometimes there are agreements made where an individual won’t remember their experiences leaving the planet, and this would be to prevent disrupting an existing Soul Plan. There are others who have full awareness and memories of traveling on Crafts to Galactic Federation bases on the Moon and Mars.

Israel’s Space Security Chief discloses Galactic Federation


Antarctica is a place where many kinds of meetings can take place out of public view. There are cabal cloning facilities there, as well as Galactic Federation bases. There is seldom any kind of conflict between white hats and black hats, and if Galactic Federation was involved it would be over very quickly. Galactic Federation works with humans who are aligned with the light and are willing, but the goal isn’t necessarily to destroy the cabal. There is still free will and above all else, Galactic Federation want humans to be proactive in their own awakening.

The Elder’s Face

Neioh – This is an ancient artifact which has been altered in appearance by the temperature and wear over time. It is millions of years old and the face is that of a Pleiadian Elder. When We first built it, it looked very much like us. Very beautiful! The huge raised area is a structure used for Galactic Force Meetings and landing areas all around. The Bases still exist here and there are tunnels beneath that open to luxurious rooms of Crystals and very high technology. Snow melting has caused erosion and We intend for it to be seen now as part of Disclosure.

Dome and Cave Opening

Neioh – This is a Meeting place for the Light Federation. It is private and yet completely known that it can be seen. The many that use this area are in hopes that this will be known and accepted. It is chosen for protection as well, knowing that if necessary, it can be cloaked and totally hidden by Technology.

Mothership Meeting Place

Neioh – This is a Mothership that is used for Galactic Meetings and Traveling through Multiverses. Other Crafts by invitation will join in various areas when it is time for the Meetings. Areas beneath contain large Crystal Transmitters.

Meeting Place

Neioh – This is a very unusual meeting place for Galactic Federation.  We sometimes arrange the shape to have separate rooms and the outside protects the structure from weather. Inside it is very comfortable with lounging areas and perfect temperature. The area provides privacy from human contact and allows many other Races to feel hidden and protected from human visitors. These are placed in mountains and deep canyons also and are worldwide. The other structure shown is Pleiadian.

Landing Platform for Galactic Federation Crafts

The Moon

Underground Galactic Federation Base

Neioh – This is a Base, not a buried asteroid or foreign object. This is a Prime Meeting location for the Galactic Federation. There are multiple locations for the many ongoing meetings, but this is a place of undetectable material and can’t be penetrated by Solar Weapons or Technology. We created this place millions of years ago and We have many Crafts stationed here. The Moon is inhabited on all sides, surface and beneath. Just like you have different characters on Earth, it is this way here. The ones who cause problems for others tend to stay in areas of shadows and dense course ground. But there are beautiful places and green trees and water that the Earth is not told about by those that know well. There is beautiful architecture and beautiful Beings as well as some that would frighten those on Earth, having more of an insect look, but very large. The different Species dwell together and for the most part, mind their own business. Pleiadians are well respected by all and We come and go as We wish.

China’s Yutu 2 rover spots Galactic Federation Meeting Craft

Laka – There Are Many Narratives Running About The Moon You Observe. The Large Structure That Is Intentionally Seen In These Moments Is One Of Our Finest Galactic Meeting Structures. With Architecture Not Available To You In These Moments, It Would Be Difficult For You To Imagine. But You Can. This Magnificent Structure Is Composed Largely Of Crystals And Is Indestructible. It Can Be Cloaked To Be Unseen, It Can Rise Higher Or Contract And Change Shapes.

This Structure Is Also A Mothership Which Can Easily Accommodate Hundreds With Large Lounging Areas, Music And Dining. It Is Equipped With The Highest Technology Of Forces And Can Operate In Any Galaxy.

We Meet Regularly Here As Well As Deep Space And Other Planets. Motherships Are Designed For Leisure As Well As Important Meetings. In The Area Of Your Moon That You Are Viewing, There Are Tunnels And Landing Areas For Multiple Crafts From Many Aspects Of Life In The Multiverses.


Cydonia: The Face on Mars

Cydonia is an area of Mars that was first photographed by NASA’s Viking orbiter in 1976. The pictures appeared to show a number of peculiar anomalies including a series of pyramid-shaped objects on the surface and a large structure that resembled a humanoid face.

The layout of the structures in the Cydonia area correlate perfectly to a map of the Pleiades, and the face is the depiction of a Pleiadian that’s been eroded over millions of years.

Meeting Place

Neioh – This is a Structure that is very Intricate inside and a chosen place for Galactic Meetings that is Central to many attending.  It is known that there will be no interference.

Angel on Mars

The Great Lakes

Pleiadian Craft emerges from Lake Erie, 2019

There is a Galactic Federation base inside Lake Erie, and Crafts have been recorded by witnesses.

Great Pyramid of Giza

The hidden chamber found in 2017 is a meeting place for Galactic Forces which is still used. Neioh describes the interior of this room as being very beautiful. Pleiadians created the pyramids through the power of thought manifestation.

CIA Remote Viewing

A Galactic Federation mountain base is described in documents from CIA’s remote viewing STAR GATE program in 1988. From this we can probably assume that CIA was aware of Galactic Federation and Remote Viewing was their only access to it.