Beloved Friends Of Light!

In These Moments I Will Take You On A Journey As We Review The Details Of A Base In Sedona, Arizona Where Members Of The Galactic Federation Meet With Unity And Light!

This Base Is Unseen Within The Red Rocks And High Mountains Where No Human Can Travel. It Would Make No Difference If One Walked Over The Area, As It Is Alive With Frequencies Unseen To Human Eyes.

There Are Many Bases With Military Operations With A Variety Of Functions For Earth As Well As The Gathering Of White Hats With Pleiadians Arriving In Crafts. There Are Men And Women On Earth That Are Trusted With High Technology And  Top Secret Methods That Keep The Planet Safe From Nuclear Destruction As Well As Ongoing Cooperation With The Light Forces Throughout The Galaxies.Through Times Of War, Threats Of Toxins Or Disasters, You Have Friends In High Places!

We Will Be Sharing Information That Has Never Been Known To The Masses. But To Those That Understand Their Origin, These Souls That Are Protecting You Are TIKEE And Friends From The Elohim Lineage. 

Let Us Begin!

High Above A Red Mountain In The Midst Of The Largest Rocks, Caverns And Beauty Of Creation, Is A Massive Area Of Operations. Motherships Change Frequency To Be Undetected. These Magnificent Flying Crafts Of Unlimited Power Will Cruise Slowly Into The Area And Enter A Solid Mountain With Ease!

Vehicular Crafts Within The Mothership Leave Through A Large Panel That Opens With Telepathy. Each Vehicular Craft Carries Visitors, GF And An Elder From Their Star. The Races That We Have Shared In Communications Are Represented For The Meetings That Will Take Place. 

Each Star That Is Represented, Arrives With A Mothership And Many Occupants That Are Then Transported Through A Tunnel. You Will Remember The Most Outstanding Races To Be Pleiadians, Arcturians, Orions, Sirians And Andromedans.

Each Vehicular Craft Will Stop At The Entrance To The Base As Four Massive Doors Open Inward. The Vehicular Crafts Return On Their Own To The Mothership. Once Each Group Has Arrived, The Process Repeats With The Opening Of The Doors. An Entrance Hall Welcomes Each Group Of Representatives And The Elder Of The Planet. 

An Ornate Staircase With Decorative Crystals And Curved Stones Have Two Levels That All Guests Ascend As Conversations Are Already Taking Place. At The Top Of The Stairs There Is A Large Open Entrance To A Massively Large Room. Here Is Where The Magic Begins!

The Room Would Be Larger Than The Largest Home On Earth. Around The Perimeter Of The Room Are Beautiful Crystal Chairs With Soft White Cushions That Contour To The Body When Seated. The Chairs Provide Massage And Invigorating Frequencies That Rejuvenate The Body With Light. 

In The Center Of The Room, There Is A Platform Stage With A Crystal Floor. Elder IKAI Leads The Base In Meetings Held And Often Speaks To The Group When They Are Seated. To The Left Of The Room As You Enter, Is A Very Large Screen. Magnificent Technology Within The Screen Allows Viewing On Any Part Of The Earth As Well As Each Star Represented. 

Large Round Crystal Tables Rise Out Of The Floor When It Is Time To Enjoy Fine Dining. Crystal Goblets And Platters Of Exquisite Recipes From Each Star That Is Represented Present A Vast Array Of Color And Enjoyment. Comfortable Chairs Rise To The Table For All To Sit And Share Wonderful Conversations While Soft Music Plays.

The Lighting Is Chosen By Intention And Can Be Dimmed Or Changed To Other Colors To Create The Perfect Ambiance. This Is The Beginning Of The Unity That All Have Arrived To Experience In Depth.

To The Right Of The Large Room, There Is A Large Entrance Hall That Leads To Many Rooms. These Rooms Allow Each Race To Enter And Use The Large Screen Provided To See And Speak To Their Families And Friends At Home. Large Pools To Enjoy Swimming Rise Out Of The Floor On Command.

There Are Individual Rooms Provided For Each Representative That Have Soft Comfortable Beds. A Screen Surrounds The Bed From The Top And Down The Sides As You Might Visualize A Petition With Three Sides. This Screen Is Programmed With Telepathy And Has The Purpose To Activate The Light Within Each Body. As Light Is Amplified, The Being Is Energized And Sleep Is Not Needed. A Very Rested And Energetic State Is Achieved In Moments. The Bed Is Controlled With Telepathy And Full Body Massages Are Given As Well As Legs Only Or The Part That Is Programmed Instantly With Telepathy.

Down A Corridor Of Beauty And Light Are The Chambers Of Elder IKAI. A Very Large And Ornate Door That Is Covered With Crystals That Glow In Light, Opens To Only Our Beloved IKAI. As He Enters Wearing A Long Robe And His Medallion With The Word ‘EEKE’, Which Means ‘Love’, His Being Is Illuminated And Light Covers His Feet Like A Flame Of Brightness And The Light Moves Upward To Cover His Being As The Illumination Of Love Grows And Expands. He Often Levitates In Bliss And Power As He Is Aware Of His Service To Mankind.

The Next Room That We Will Explore Will Allow You To Understand The Purpose Of This Base And The Sacred Meetings That Many Beings Travel Far To Attend. None Can Enter But Those Allowed In This Grand Frequency Of Light! All Representatives Of The Galactic Federation Look Forward To Their Moments Of Attendance.

This Room Is Called ‘The Room Of Unity’. ‘The Ceremony Of Light’ Is Held Here In Majesty And Honor!  A Large Design With Small Crystals In A Diamond Shape Are Placed Throughout The Scrolls Of Pleiadian Words Is Placed Around The Doorway In An Arch. The Crystals And The Words Of Design, Are Interpreted As ‘In Universe’, Which Is ‘BASK.’

‘BAS’ Is ‘In’, ‘K’ Is ‘Universe.’ The Crystals Are Intended To Be Interpreted As Stars. It Is Quite Beautiful As A Work Of Divine Art. Each Representative That Has Attended Will Enter The Room In Groups. The Room Within Is Pure Light. It Represents The Light Within Each Soul. Those Entering Join Hands And As They Stand In The Light, Their Crystal Hearts Activate And The Light Within Joins The Light Of All Others In Unity! The Groups Continue Until All Have Had The Experience. Each Feels Part Of The Other As A Sense Of Oneness Prevails.

Throughout The Base With White Marble Floors And The Comforts That All Enjoy, Many Choose To Bring Beloved Pets. Large Lions And Tigers That Are Telepathic And Connected With Sacred Love Are Enjoyed By Everyone. They Rest Quietly On Soft Colorful Cushions And Enjoy The Festivities.

Archangel Michael Often Attends Meetings With Elder IKAI As They Have A Long Friendship Of Millenia. He Travels With Elder IKAI And The Light Forces When He Chooses. He Visits Often In Taygeta For Quiet Times Of Reflection With Elder IKAI.

Fairies And Angels Are Also Frequent Visitors In This Unseen Density Of Light That Traverses The Beauty Seen In 3-D Sedona And Opens To A Beauty Within The Astonishing Mountains And Miles Of Terrain In A Higher Frequency Of Light!

As Motherships Arrive, There Are Encoded Words Of Light That Are Visible And Welcoming To Members Of The Galactic Federation. These Words Appear On The Red Rocks In Light! The Motherships Flash And Respond To The Words That Transmit ‘BASK,’ Or ‘IN UNIVERSE.’

We Remind You Of Your Sacred Essence Of Light!

You Are An Expression Of All That Will Live Infinitely!

Soon We Rise As One Light!

I Love You So!