Pleiadian Collective - Why Would Anyone Choose Darkness? - November 20, 2022

Beloved Friends Of Light!

It Is Quite Easy In These Moments To Observe Darkness All Around!

These Are Moments To Change Your View To Those Sharing Light!

This Changes Your Perspective And Allows Your Focus To Draw More Light To Your Being!

In These Moments We Will Reflect On The Reasons That Beings Incarnate And Choose Darkness Over Light!

We Are Speaking Of Souls With Origins Of Light That Have Arrived On Earth For Many Waking Dreams!

We Are Not Referring To Darkness From Other Densities In Their Experience.

A Soul Is Whole And Complete. The Soul Is Aware Of The Essence Of God Within.

There Is A Choice And Reason For Each Incarnation.

A False Identity Develops As The Soul Is In Form. Entering The Matrix Of Duality, A Child Is Programmed In Theta Waves For Many Years. They Are Not Free Thinkers But Are Told Who They Are And What They Are To Believe.

The Soul Arrived With The Intention To Thrive, Expand And Increase In Light!

As The Story Begins, The Soul Is Forgotten As The Ego-False Self Makes Decisions Of Free Will.

If The Soul Had An Experience Of Darkness In A Previous Incarnation, They May Enter Another Waking Dream To Play The Opposite Role. If They Were A Villain Before To Play A Role For Another, They May Now Choose To Be A Wonderful Loving Person. They Have Others To Play The Role Of Villain. But Getting Lost In The Story, They Become A Villain Again. This Time They Enjoy It And Gain Wealth Or Notoriety By The Darkness They Choose. This Coming And Going Becomes Repetitive And Each Time, They Miss Their Intention And Become Dark. This Is A Choice And There Are Many Dark Entities That Prey On These Souls. Some Eventually Choose Darkness Each Time They Arrive.

As The Soul Exits The Body, They Are Fully Aware Of The Trauma They Have Once Again Caused. They Meet With Groups On Their Star That Assist Them In Understanding The Importance Of Choosing Light And Often New Guides Volunteer To Assist The Human That The Soul Lives Within, To Align, To Awaken, To Remember Their Plan. To Try Again. The Intention Is Always Pure. Duality Allows Dark Choices.

Many Children That Are Severely Abused Sexually And Physically Will Lose Their Way And Become Closed Down To Love And Trust. They Become Dysfunctional, Drug Addicts, Child Molesters, Psychopaths, Sociopaths And So On. Some Humans Become So Lost In The Story Of Pain, That They Split In Their Minds And Become Sick And Disoriented To Even Consider The Soul. In Split Personalities Or Multiple Personalities, It Is The Thoughts That Are Making The Difference. As The Thought Becomes Belief, The Physiology Of The Body Changes From One Personality To The Next. One Identity Can Have A Different Set Of Fingerprints Or Be Allergic To A Substance That Another Aspect Of Personality Is Not Allergic To In Form.

There Are Those That Will Dabble In The Occult Or Worship Of Dark Deities. They Do Not Realize The Enormity Of Energy That Will Attach To Their Being By Their Own Actions. They Will Choose Darkness As They Are Now Blind.

Every Human Can Be Free! All That Is Necessary Is Choice With Intention. If You Feel Bound And Are Afraid To Tell Someone, Speak To The Light! You Are Heard! There Will Be Assistance!

You Are Perfect In Your Essence. This Is The Earth School! This Is A Temporary Place Of Learning!

Choose Light!
Act In Love!
Serve Others!
Protect Your Heart And Mind!
Remember Who You Are!
You Are So Loved By Many!
Be Free And Remember Your Light!
We Rise As ONE!