Neioh - Pleiadians On Earth

Friends Of Earth!

We Have Been With You From The Beginning Of Your Presence On Earth, As We Are The Watchers And Keepers Of Mankind!

In Power And Love We Have Visited You, Dined With You, And Walked Dusty Roads Without Structures.

We Have Arrived In Crafts As We Were Called Sky Gods And Angels!

We Were Often Invited Into Homes As We Turned And Blinded Men With Light To Protect And Serve Without War. The Blindness Was Temporary And Our Intention Was Peaceful In Preventing Those Of Darkness To Move Forward.

Through The Ages Of Dreams, We Incarnated To Assist And Experience.

Through Battlefields And Honoring Archangels Who Descended To Serve, We Have Always Been With You!

Building Pyramids, Moving Mountains, Creating Landscapes Of Beauty For Your Enjoyment Brought More Light!

We Never Left You!

In Periods Of Peace That Played Out Intermittently, We Walked Freely With Love Among People As We Taught Of ELAKO Among Tribes And Kingdoms. Pharaohs Walked With Us As We Discussed Powers Used In Building Massive Monuments And Methods Of Creating Jewelry And Designs That Are Seen Now In Your Current Waking Dream.

Paintings Etched In Stone Were Done To Show Great Love In Humble Ways. We Honored All Friends And Taught The Ways Of Peace Without War.

We Explained Origins And That Choosing To Forget During Each Waking Dream Would Be A Gift Each Time A Soul Returned To Their Home.

Humans Were Advanced In The Understanding Of Spirit And Consciousness As They Slowly Advanced In Technology.

We Are On The Ground Now As White Hats. We Are In The Air As Your Protectors.

We Will Not Leave Without You As You Are Living The Prophecy Of The Grand Shift Of Planet Earth!

Many Might Wonder Why We Did Not Set Up A Utopia And Remain With You From The Beginning!

Dark Forces Through Each Dream Fought The Light And Discord Came!

Fearless People Became Controlled And Enslaved By Fear.

When There Is Fear, Humans Are Easy To Control! Our Beloved Ones Were Taught To Fear Anything They Did Not Understand. With War, Death And Disease, We Were Included As The Unknown Enemy.

Rumors Of Lights In The Sky Spread Fear Where There Was Love!

A Matrix Of Illusion Was Cast Over The Earth And Fear Gripped Hearts In Blindness.

The Galactic Federation Could Destroy All Darkness But This Takes Away Our Sacred Vow Of Free Will.

We Have Allowed You To Learn And Grow, To Return To Origin With Complete Understanding.

Each Soul Had The Power And Choice To Return To Earth, Serve As A Guide, Become Bi-local Or Simply Remain With Family And Friends On Their Star Of Origin.

But Now You Are Here As One!

You Are The Brave Ones That Carry All Lives Lived In Your Heart Chakra And Expanded Consciousness.

You Chose To Represent Your Family Of Light!

This Choice Will Not Be In Vain!

For The Sound Of Angels And The Humming Of Our Greatest Fleets Will Burst Forth In Colors And Tones That Have Yet To Be Heard By Human Ears!

The Joy That Is Set Before You Is Grand And Unlimited!

Enjoy These Moments As Light Covers You!