Laka - Chakras

Beloved Friends Of Light And Peace!

As You Are Experiencing Tremendous Surges Of Energy From All Directions, Know In Truth That You Have Absolute Control With Your Actions And Reactions!

You Are Designed With Loving Intent To Create Energy Fields Around Your Body Form And To Change, Open And Amplify The Ongoing Power Of Your Chakras!

We Will Review Some Of The Chakras That Are Commonly Known In Your Perception. There Are Many More Layers And Frequencies Of Spirit That Assist You While In Form!

Each Of You Will Relate To Certain Energy Centers That Are Open In Your Experience. Other Chakras Will Be Closed With Periods Of Opening Throughout Your Waking Dream! Indeed, Your Ever Changing Perceptions Will Allow Chakras To Open In Service To The Light Of Your Soul!

The First Chakra To Be Addressed As Spiraling Energy Is The Root Chakra. Located At The Base Of The Spine, This Frequency Of The Pelvic Floor Will Affect Confidence As Well As Self Destructive Behavior With Blockages Or Free Flowing Energy. It Corresponds With Sexual Energy And Reproduction. Creativity In All Aspects Of Life Are Enhanced With The Opening Of The Root Chakra. The Sacral Chakra Is Also Connected To The Innate Intention Of Sexual Attraction And Procreation.

The Naval Chakra Is An Energy Vortex Which Powers Digestion And Gives A Flow Of Well Being As Systems Work Together. Confidence And Power Result When This Chakra Is Open And Feelings Of Low Self Esteem May Be Fueled When This Energy Is Blocked.

The Next Chakra To Be Addressed Is The Heart Energy Center And Many Feel Open And Loving When This Energy Flows Freely. A Closed Chakra Allows Discord And Dysfunctional Relationships. The Frequency Of Joining Light In All Dimensions Is Performed Seamlessly With The Intention Of Love And Unity. The Akashic Records Of All Lives Lived Are Carried In A Frequency That Abounds In Truth And Light! This Knowledge Will Be Known And Revealed To Each Soul In The Soon Coming Shift!

The Throat Chakra Is The Energetic Location For Communication With Speaking And Hearing. Blockages Cause Breakdown In Relationships As Intentions Are Misunderstood. Discord With Endless Arguments Ensues Until One Is Able To Become Still And Quiet To Allow Perceptions To Be Real And True. Those With An Open Vessel Will Become Better Communicators While Listening To Others Carefully With The Intention To Learn And Expand.

The Third Eye Chakra Is Associated With Inner Sight, Clairvoyance And Intuition. It Is The Place Where Body And Mind Cause A Coherence Of Spirit And All Life Channels In A Symphony Of Perception. Cultivating The Inner World With Meditation Will Often Allow Perceptions Vibrating Unseen To Become Clear Images As Each Human Is Spirit In Truth!

The Crown Chakra Is The Channel For Spiritual Flow. This Sacred Flow Allows One To Know And Grasp That They Are Infinite And Powerful. It Is Linked To Life Beyond The Ego And Knowing Truth At This Level Is Comforting And Absolute To The Experiencer. This Chakra Is The Gateway To The Higher Realms While Remaining In Form.

The Seven Chakras From The Base Are The Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra  And Crown Chakra. These Work Together For Your Awakening In Form, Your Ability To Transcend All Obstacles To Spirit And To Live A Life Of Well Being As You Discover Your Light Within.

You Arrived On Planet Earth With Everything Needed To Discover All Answers As You Become Familiar With The Power Of Your Soul In Form. Aligning The Personality With The Soul That Is Visiting Earth, Will Bring Peace In A World Of Duality.

The Chakras Are There To Serve You In All Aspects Of Your Waking Dream!

You Are Bathed In Sacred Energy That Reacts To Guide You To Your Highest Potential!

I Love You So!