Ikai - The Control Center - January 17, 2023

Friends Of Light!

Many Of You Read The Title Of This Message And A Craft Or Mothership Came To Your Mind!

Beloved Ones! There Is One Control Center And You Carry This Living Essence In Your Heart!

In This Brief Moment, I Am Only Sharing The One Aspect To See You Through To The Shift!

Your Heart! Your Sacred Beating Heart That Allows Your Body To Live On And Carry Your Soul As Planned!

If You Are Reactive To The Ever Changing Energy Around You, Be Still.

Breathe Deeply. Be Silent.

Bring Your Attention Within Your Heart And Close Your Eyes.

There Is Nothing Else. No One Else. Just Your Soul That Does Not Become Reactive With Emotions.

Here Lies Your Power!

If The Past Brings Pain And The Future Brings Fear, Look Up!  Here We Are In The Skies Above You!

Everything Past And Future That Comes In Thoughts Are Illusions Of Energy.

We Are Now!

Each Moment That You Feel Unsteady, Angry, Confused Or Any Other Created Emotion From Thought,

Remember Who You Are! Know That The Light Forces Surround You With A Plan Of Perfection!

Live In This Moment And Allow Life To Unfold As A Gift!

You Have Come So Far To Discover The Depth Of Your Creation And Your Return To The Beginning!

In Power We Rise Together! In Hearts We Live As One!

I Am Elder IKAI Of The Galactic Federation!
I Will Usher You To Your Home!

I Love You So!