Created in Elohim

The Pleiadian word for Fairy is “Mu. They are created in Elohim, which means they descended directly from 12-D without evolving. Like Archangels, Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Elohim races, they began very advanced and powerful. They are magical beings and can create whatever they need without technology. Their personalities are playful and they are extremely loyal. They love to dance. They nod and bow in respect. They are extremely loving and exist in unity with all life, but will not hesitate to defend themselves or others when threatened. They can’t be injured or killed.

On Earth there are many kinds of fairies. Some enjoy complete privacy and remain hidden from humans at all times. They choose to live in remote areas and make their homes underground or inside trees. Some have been known to interact briefly with humans. They wave at people who can see them.

Aya – “There Are ‘Light Fairies’, ‘Nature Fairies’, And Those That Watch Over Children And Babies. There Are Some Fairies That Are Drawn To Music And Especially Drums. All Of These Fairies Are Very Small And Can Change Frequencies To Be Seen. They Can Vary Slightly In Colors From Light Green, White, Yellow And Pink.”

All incarnated souls have Spirit Guides and are visited at least once by an Angel, but when an Elohim Goddess incarnates as a human, there will be a group of fairies that remains close to them. These individuals have often seen glimpses or felt their presence. A “Goddess” is an honor bestowed on female Elohim for their service to others. The male equivalent to this is an “Elder”, and fairies are always close to them as well.

Fairy Queens and Kings

The most powerful fairies are the Queens and their male counterparts, the Sapes (SAH-PES) which basically means King or Elder. They both stand about 3 feet tall. The Queens and Sapes have an honored status among fairies as Goddesses and Elders do with other Elohim. Fairy Queens usually have long hair piled high up on their heads and wear long shimmering gowns. The Queens are always spinning and moving, while the Sapes are quieter and more reserved. Sapes dress elegantly in silvery or velvet suits and scarves. They wear small hats at times. They don’t travel through portals like other fairies but fly directly from one place to another. They live in rocky, mountainous areas far from humans. They don’t visit others often but when they do, they always bow in respect.

Appearance and Physiology

Fairies are beautiful by human standards. Their bodies are ethereal and they glow. They look like tiny people with wings. Their heads are round and there are delicate facial features, difficult to discern in detail because of their constant twirling and dancing. They have tiny hands and fingers. They change their color and their appearance by intention. They always have an energy field that is rapidly moving around them which is usually hot pink. They travel through neon yellow portals surrounded by hot pink auras that flicker like lightning.

Aya on Male Fairies – “The Males Have Tiny Long Pants And White Jackets. There Is Moving Energy That Can Be White Or Pink. They Rarely Are Still Unless They Are Making Toys Or Petting Animals. They Enjoy Dressing Animals In Hats, Shirts And Gowns. They Love To Swim And Enter Trees To Make Tiny Beds From Flowers.”

Wings: Fairies have wings, or wing-like appendages, but can fly without using them. They fly with magic, and can move in any directly very quickly without flapping their wings.

Communication: Fairies are telepathic. They don’t speak with an audible voice but communicate with each other with a combination of sound vibrations and gestures. They don’t have a written language.

Strength: Fairies are very strong for their size. A tiny fairy can overpower a much larger negative entity by stinging them and lifting them up into portal and tossed away. A large group of fairies working together can lift a football-field sized mothership stuck in the mud.

Stinging Power: Fairies have the ability to ‘sting’ an enemy with a venom they secrete from their body. They flatten themselves against a target to deliver a powerful attack. Sometimes they swarm in groups to cover their enemy’s face or body, stinging them into submission before carrying them into a portal.

Lebs: When fairies arrive through portals, there are free-floating appendages called “lebs” that look like tails, but are not connected to any fairy or portal. It’s a greenish-brown color with soft fringe-like edges. They roll and curl through the air controlled by fairy magic. Lebs spread flat to form barriers to conceal negative entities being dealt with by fairies, and then wrap around them like tentacles and pull them into portals.

Fairies of the Pleiades

The Fairies of the Pleiades are called “Eras”. They have always been with Pleiadians and once lived in Lemuria with them. They are about 5 inches tall and travel in groups. They open up portals to travel to any dimensions, and the changing of densities when passing through portals gives them an ethereal look.

Judith – “There are many kinds of Fairies but the Eras have been consistently with me since July 2013 and are totally devoted and come as soon as I call for them. Sometimes I am given tours of their home in the mountains and trees. I have gone through the mountains to huge areas inside and there are little pools with Fairies splashing.” Judith – Life With Fairies


Fairy Magic and Galactic Federation

Eras were the first to teach Pleiadians about Magic. They taught Pleiadians how to create crafts with magic. Now they fly in crafts with Galactic Federation and meet often with many races. They accompany Pleiadians and Arcturians on missions and act as protectors or bodyguards. Eras also taught Pleiadians about crystal-based technology and assist them with the crystals placed on Earth for the Shift.

Aya – “The Origin Of Magic Is Within The Essence And Power Of Elohim. Fairies Of Divinity Danced In The Ethers Of Timelessness Before Bodies Were Projected Into Being By Souls. Over Millions Of Years, Fairies Progressed With The Gift Of Magic And Assisted The Galactic Federation In Methods Of Technology And The Power Of Craft Creations. Without The Magical Intelligence Of Fairies, Speed Would Not Have Been Available To The Vast Number Of Light Forces In Operation.” Aya – Magic


Fairies ride on creatures that resembles tiny horses called “Ze” (singular) or “Zees” (plural). Sometimes male and female fairies are seen riding together on a single Ze. They are often seen standing beside open portals. Fairies have also been seen on occasion riding creatures that resemble tiny dragons.

Fairy Homes

Fairies usually choose to live away from humans and deep in nature. They make homes in trees, mountains and underground. Their magic allows them to hide their homes from outside observers. They decorate the interiors with twigs, flowers, leaves and scraps of cloth or beads. Despite having extraordinary powers they remarkably choose to live as humbly as possible.

Judith –Some Enjoy Creating Large Areas In Mountains Where They Splash In Tiny Pools And Bring Twigs, Cloth And Flowers To Create Little Homes. As I Have Incarnated, I Have Been Allowed To Visit The Inside Of Trees And Mountains. They Were So Proud Of Their Work And I Felt So Much Love!”

Fairy Rescues

Fairies have always rescued animals and children in need. They’ve taken in rabbits, dogs, cats, squirrels, birds, and babies during hurricanes, fires, or found abandoned by the roadside. They are ethereal but they can become dense to carry them to their homes. They have given children magical abilities and raised them in the wilderness. They help many but can’t save everyone. Fairies can be seen by the animals and are calmed by the fairy’s energy.

Aya –There Are Large Groups Of Children And Babies That Have Been Rescued By Fairies And Taken To Beautiful Nature Homes Where They Were Nourished And Cared For Each Day. The Children Were Given Frequencies And Magical Abilities. They Grew Up To Be Beautiful And Healthy And Chose To Remain With The Fairies. They Are Able To Blend With The Power Of Nature To Be Completely Separate From Humans And The Harshness Of Life. We Call These Elementals. They Can Look Like Trees With Faces Or Vines With Moss And A Face. They Will Hold This Until Safety Is Assured”

Humans Raised By Fae

Portals and Energy

Fairy portals are bright yellow with hot pink auras that flicker around them like fire. The opening of fairy portals have triggered mass reports of pink lights in the sky, and each time false explanations are given. When this happens, fairies are removing toxins from chemtrails, removing negative energy and attachments, assisting animals, birds and nature that’s been damaged by the dark forces. By allowing their Sacred Energy to be seen they help us move closer to the Shift. Consciousness is expanded for those witnessing it who never believed such things were possible.

Camouflage and Cloaking

Neioh – “They have the ability to shield and cloak as Crafts do. This is an Energy Shield which would cause many to think it is an insect instead of drawing attention. Fairies rarely explore alone unless they are gathering bits of material to use in the mountains, trees and underground. They are extremely creative and prefer to put things together and make it their own design. This one is very busy and happy.”

A Large Group of Fairies

Neioh – This is a large Group of Fairies that have come through a Portal. You are able to see bodies and Energy but they are very close together. They will visit many places as well as FAE that live on Earth and can be seen with human eyes.These live off planet and travel Dimensionally as they visit many stars and planets. All Fairies are Multidimensional but some remain on Earth. These will enter a Portal and leave 3-D when their visit is complete.

Captured on October 13, 2022 at around 8:30 PM local time over Kansas City in Missouri.

Judith’s Fairies

Judith – “This is my first experience to see them as light in 3-D. When I close my eyes, I am seeing the Fairies in intricate detail. What I captured was Light and the Field around them. This is rare. This was a Gift.”