Judith’s clairvoyant abilities allow her to see and interact with various various beings in 4D-astral. She sees multidimensionally and perceives through consciousness, not only our Pleiadian Family, but other curious extraterrestrial races, Angels, Archangels, Elementals and her most cherished visitors, the Fairies.

There are at least 12 kinds of Fairies that visit. Most are like the “Tinkerbell” image of a tiny person with wings. Some look more human than others. There are Fairy Queens that stand about 4 feet tall and wear dresses or gowns, with glitter and crystals.

There is also a kind of Fairy called an Eras who are very close to Aya and Pleiadians for millions of years. Eras first assisted Pleiadians in creating their crafts with magic technology, and now they travel with Galactic Forces

They are about 5 inches tall, they wear gowns and dresses, and some travel on tiny horses through neon pink and yellow portals they open and close themselves. They dance and blow kisses, and generally are very playful. They are however very protective of Judith and have often engaged and removed negative entities in her personal space.

Aya – You May Call Them Fairies! Many Reading These Words Believed Fairies Were Real When They Were Children. You Were Magical And Saw Many Beings That You No Longer Remember As You Remained In Theta Waves And Were Processed And Conditioned Through The Matrix Of Earth To See, Feel And Experience Only The Five Senses.

You Were Taught Nothing Of The Pineal Gland Or Third Eye.  You Were Taught Nothing Of Spiritual Seeing. Many Have Seen Fairies And Angels Throughout Their Waking Dream. But Not Having A Foundation Of Family And Friends To Openly Share With, You Find A Place To Put It.  As Though It Never Happened. You Try To Tell Yourself It Was Just Your Imagination. I Am Here To Share The Beauty Of The Fairies And To Also Tell You Many Things You Might Not Know.

First Of All, I Have My Own Fairies That Have Traveled And Lived With Me For Millions Of Years. The Fairies That Live With Me Are Called ERAS. They Are Tiny To Your Standards, Being About Five Inches Tall. They Play And Twirl And Dance. They Travel Multidimensionally And Always Through Portals. Some Have Tiny White Horses And Many Are Seen Kissing. I Love Them Totally And They Are Loyal And Extremely Protective. They Sit On My Long Gowns As I Fashion Tapestries Of Crystals For Friends.  They Also Travel With The Galactic Forces As One Fairy Has The Strength Of An Army. This Is Often Seen In Astral Where One Fairy Can Sting A Giant Being Or Carry It By The Shoulder And Toss It Faraway If It Is Bothering Another.

Angels And Fairies Are Seen In All Densities (Vibrational Frequencies), And All Dimensions (Locations). For This Reason, They Are On Earth And Always Have Been!  Cameras On Doorbells Are Detecting Them. Many Have Photos Through Many Years. Fairies Of Many Sizes Live In Mountains And Tunnels Underground. They Are Both Etheric And Physical. They Cannot Be Harmed And They Do Not Die. For This Reason They Are Tremendously Respected Through The Galaxies.

They Enjoy Collecting Items That Belong To Humans And Will Gather Scraps Of Cloth And Little Beads And Trinkets And Carry Them Deep Into The Mountains Or Even In Trees, To Create Little Beds And Lounge Areas. They Love Water And Often Have Little Pools With Flowers Floating Inside Of The Mountains.

Fairies Love Children And Like Angels, They Have Rescued And Saved The Life Of Many Abandoned Children Or Those In Danger. They Love Animals As Well And Do Good To All.

There Are Also Queen Fairies That Stand About Four Feet Tall And Are Dressed Exquisitely! They Enjoy Their Own Creations Of Ruffles And Glitter And Often Crystals. At Times They Enjoy Appearing To Those That Are Seers Or In Astral. They Are Humble But Strong And Enjoy Their Beauty. Often They Will Bow To A Seer And Blow A Kiss! So There Is Life Everywhere! Fairies Can Flash As Light Or Allow You A Glimpse Of Their Body. They Are A Precious Delight!  You Will See Them Everywhere At The Great Shift!

Open Your Mind As You Open Your Heart! Become As A Child And Love As A Child Without Limits!

Playing in the Light – May 2017

The Fairies are there and show me that even though I do not see them in 3-d, they are always with me. I saw them taking the big blue bowl I made salad in. They were flashing and dancing and putting it in their portal.

They are so beautiful. I see them turn in Light and they are so ethereal and yet I see their whole body. They move constantly and are so funny. They then started taking other things, and then I told them I loved them and they came close to me and were all over me. They pulled me into a portal!

I know this sounds like a dream! I was awake. This is the Magic! So, in we went and they took us to the most beautiful place! The grass was green and there were bunnies and little animals all over. I saw my pups running in the grass with the other animals and playing. The Fairies rode on their backs and kissed them. There were flowers and little streams. It was gorgeous!

I can see light so it was very bright and outside. I watched this magical place for about an hour. I knew I needed to sleep so I think to them I needed to go.

I was suddenly back in my room and the Fairies were on the bed. They blew me kisses and twirled. They fold themselves into Light and turn again and show their bodies. There is always a visible pink energy field around them. I told them again I loved them and I opened my eyes.

Fairy Strength – May 2017

About a week ago I had a vision where I saw Fairies lifting a Craft, as big as a football field, that was stuck on one side in deep ground. I watched hundreds, then thousands, come and lift and push it up, and it took off. This is how strong they are.

Fairies in Egypt – April 2017

I was in Egypt. Lots of Fairies! I saw the beautiful artifacts as I have before. I see the colors. Gold and every jewel! I can tell you now that Fairies were there and seen by Egyptians as they traveled with Pleiadians.

I saw one Egyptian close to me and he was trying to harm a Fairy. Big mistake. A flock of them came and killed him. Stung him all over and took him faraway to dispose. He had been trying to crush the Fairy and then he tried to burn it! I could see the smoke as if it was real! He lit a stick. I could see the fire and smoke!

Saving Animals – May 2017

Yesterday I looked up and there were 2 baby birds sitting on a power line above us. I stopped and watched them. Well I saw all of that, and then later saw it from above the wire as though I was about 20 feet up!

Then I saw flashes of Fairies and they wanted to show me something. They went to the little birds and scooped them up and took them to a nest. I saw them taking the nest. I saw more flashes of Fairies and hundreds and hundreds came. I saw them gather up little nests and birds in the trees where a storm had been. The little birds needed help. They took hundreds of nests and took me to a place where they were safe.

I watched some of the eggs hatch and the little birds come out. By then I was there in bed smiling and had tears rolling down my cheeks.

I kept my eyes closed. I ”thought”. I love you! The Fairies brought many nests to my bed and they gathered all around me.

I watched the little birds hatching and the Fairies kissing them! They held them and showed me they were safe. I knew then what had bothered me all my life. When there are storms, the Fairies help little birds! The take. them to safety. Of course many are not saved but the Fairies do so much on this planet. I love them!

Creating a Carousel – October, 2016

My Fairies gave me a much needed beautiful night! I was totally awake. Closed my eyes, and here they came in Neon Yellow portals! I watched them and for awhile I could not tell exactly what they were doing. They were moving things into the portals but very excited and in groups of pink fluff. I asked if they could throw glitter. I have not asked that in a long time. They did! It was like beautiful magic!

Then I asked one more thing. Could they make me a carousel. They did!

It was assembled right over the bed and larger than the bed. Then brought down to my perfect eye level, with the animals going up and down, it turned around and had a jeweled top and all colors and lights!

Removing Negative Entities

Eras were all around, hot pink fluff around tiny white bodies and little wings and many neon yellow portals. We were in space. The other group of the ones in lavender appeared and all were spinning and dancing and coming to me. The sky was jet black with trillions of stars.

We were then back in space. The Eras came from all directions, leaving portals behind. Thousands of them! They joined the other group and formed what looked like a huge cocoon around me made of Light. Then the end moved further away and instead of the usual portal, there were two tiny doors like shutters.

I watched as beings began to come from behind me and all of the Fairies began to attack them. I did nothing. I said nothing. I just watched. I knew something special was happening.

A few beings at a time entered and each one was covered by Fairies and carried out the doors. A Fairy stood on the outside of the door and seemed to lock it until the came back with more. Once as a few beings came and stood by me, I just thought “I no longer will see you. This is my intention. Thank you for showing me duality. I have learned. Now be gone!”

I watched as the Fairies took them out. Some tried to hang on to the cocoon from the outside and the Fairies took them away after stinging them. It was amazing. I was totally wide awake and so grateful.

After over and hour, I waved to them and thanked them. Some came to me and danced on my arms. Then we waved goodbye, and they gathered to their Portals.

Opening the Heart Chakra

At 1am I woke up to pink fluff all over. My Fairies! I saw several other kinds I had not seen before. I saw the lavender ones and many many other kinds. I heard Neioh say, ”There are 12 kinds of Fairies here!”

Neioh explained that the last few days I have been spending hours looking at Fairy pictures as well as thinking about them and consciously sending them Love and this was the result. Another lesson he has shown me is that when you think about something it shows up! Your thoughts create for you. Intention with feeling and emotion is the prayer that makes it happen.

Neioh told me that when I was looking, thinking and feeling, the call went out and Fairies from all over the 4th came to me. They know and play with each other and this was their vibrational knowing to come! It was fantastic!

One group of Fairies had Magic wands. They were tapping things in the house and Fairy dust was all over in Light. They flew all around me and over me and moved the wand and Fairy dust fell all over me! It was Little particles of Light!

The group with the wands and very round cute faces! Little pudgy bodies and little dresses of all colors. There were taller ones there that were similar to the proportion of the ones in lavender. Long hair and flowing gowns. Their were all kinds of faces and dressed in many waves. I saw some Elves also!

Neioh told me my Heart Chakra completely opened while feeling so much Love for the Fairies in the last few days. It totally awakened something in me. I could feel it. Neioh said when this happens, when your Heart Chakra truly feels and opens, things will always manifest.

Since opening totally to the 4th, I have learned the Magic that is there. Neioh told me this is a little of what we have at Home. We have it in us now as well. We create with Intention, Feeling and Love. We also can create weapons, tools, Light Sources and Shields. Knowing we are not these bodies, we truly are invincible. This is theTruth!

Visiting a Fairy Home

I could see a larger portal with a little area of Fairies inside. It was hard to see what was going on but it was coming closer. I thought to them, “yes, I want to go in”. My vision was brought directly to the portal and in I went!

There was a huge area! I could see all of the things I had given to them as well as other things I didn’t recognize. We went up and up through layers of rooms. It was much like a castle. The rooms were full of Fairies! They were Pink Fluff with little white Bodies! I was telling them I love them. They brought me letters that said, “I love you, Judy”.

Then I realized we were inside of a mountain. Some rooms had water and Fairies were splashing and playing. Some had tiny water falls! It was so wonderful!

At times a trail would take us outside and I could see dirt and the side of the mountain. Then back inside. They took me under rocks and through little dirt tunnels and then more rocks. We were going up and up. More rooms, huge spaces. I knew they wanted to show me their home again.

Then they showed me a doorway. We entered the tiny dwelling. I could see the Fairies playing and sitting on furniture. It had flowers and twigs and little rugs made out of fabric they had found. Little flowers lay all over and they lay on them.

The Fairy Queen

I woke up in the middle of the night to the Fairies. All I could see was thousands of them with the sky and stars. They hovered all around me. I could tell they were concerned about me. They did special little dances and flew and sat all over me. I told them thank you and I love you!

They twirled and danced and I smiled in the darkness. My little Friends! Then several of them came to me and put a finger to their mouth like ‘wait’, sticking another hand up like, ‘there is more’.

I watched as double doors about 2 feet tall appeared in from of me and each slid to the side. Opening to the most beautiful Fairy I have ever seen. She had wings and her dress was Light and Sparkles. She had Fairy dust swirling around her. She was twice the size of the others and seemed to be the Queen of the Fairies.

She moved to right in front of me and nodded her head. She was so beautiful! Her hair was up and she had Crystals in her hair! Then she turned and went back through the doors and I see this huge pole being brought out and many Fairies carried it. I had no idea what it was. They placed the pole right in front of me. It was very tall. Then I watched as Carousel Horses were brought through the doors and a huge Carousel was assembled instantly. It had a top and Lights all over. The Horses were all colors and moved up and down as it turned. It was magnificent! I was so amazed!

Then the Fairies started bringing me packages wrapped with beautiful bows. Two Fairies opened each box and they were full of toys. Little trucks and cars and dolls! I told them “thank you so much!”

Then they began to take the Carousel apart and took all of it back through the doors. They blew kisses to me and I blew kisses back. I know they felt me and came to cheer me up. It is still amazing to me. I love them so much!

A Home in the Pleiades

At one place, or large area, we stopped. They were circling a huge tree. Then I could see the tree was being cut down. It was their Home!

I saw the huge tree come down and the Fairies were scattering. My eyes filled with tears and I was crying for them. I knew they were showing me what has happened millions of times. I kept saying, “I am so sorry!”. Then they showed me other trees that were burning. It broke my Heart.

Then to my shock and amazement, they showed me more. I saw a huge Craft coming down and they entered it. We were now in deep Space! I could see the stars all around. I was in the Craft and so were many Light Beings!

I knew I was being shown how many were taken to other planets of a Higher Vibration. I was looking around and asking, “Pleiades, right?” Neioh suddenly walked over and smiled. “Yes,” telepathically. “They are always safe. We never allow them to feel upset. We come and take them back to our Home as well as other places they have lived. Many of these began in Lemuria and we also take them there. They do travel in Portals through Space as you call it, but they wanted you to know our deep connection. They never leave you. We never leave you! This is something shown to you as it has happened many times.”

We flew through space and came down softly to Home. I could see the beautiful buildings with no tops. Lots of grass. Beautiful water and flowers. We landed softly. Then all vanished except pink energy.

Humans Raised by Fae – January 2016

This was so sweet! About 4am here comes the Fairies, all over the place! They were throwing glitter! I loved it. Then I thought to them, “I love you” and ” it’s my Birthday, how about a cake?”

First they formed a giant Heart and brought it to me. Then they made a 3 tiered cake with a carousel on top with Lights and horses going around and up and down! Then they cut a piece of cake and brought it to me.

I told them again how much I love them! Then they wanted to show me something. At first I was not sure what I was seeing but they continue until I do. There was a flood, destruction, a very long time ago. I’m not sure where this was.

I saw the Fairies rescuing newborn babies and children! Then were taking them from the water and to their homes in the mountains. Then they showed me how they raised these children! They were raised as Fae!

They grew to normal size like us and were given Powers. They never knew the difference. Now I know who the life size beings are that I see making toys and sitting around at times enjoying my time with the Fairies! They are still in this dimension but unseen except to those like me who can see.
They are able to move into astral and travel also.

I saw it all. They loved these helpless babies and children and gave them magic for their lives. Now they continue to multiply and live with the Fairies, as Elementals. They are human size. They have been taught of their origin. They prefer their lives now. This was so beautiful to see. They allowed me to see all of it as well as the grown children.

Family of Taygeta – Humans Raised by Fae