Beloved Friends Of The Light!

In Energy Unseen, Know That Portals Are Part of Your Life!

Circling And Racing Continually Around You Are These Magnificent Traveling Experiences!

In These Brief Moments We Will Discuss Portals And Why They Might Be Of Interest To You!

In Every Waking Dream, A Portal Of Entry Was Created By The Light Of God For Your Sacred Direction!

You Arrived Through A Portal As You Changed Densities From Non-Physical To Physical.

When You Leave Each Waking Dream, You Exit Through A Circular Moving Portal That Welcomes You!

There Are Always Loving Beings To Welcome You And Often Travel With You In Great Love!

If You Have Left The Body In An Exit Point And Your Soul Has Decided To Remain, You Might Have Stories To Tell Of Beings Of Light And Colorful Portals That Beckoned You Onward. Many Are Changed By These Loving Experiences!

Fairies Travel In Portals And Change Densities And Dimensions Continually. Some Fairies Choose Densities To Not Be Seen At All, While Others Are Seen In 3-D As Flashes Of Light, Tiny Bodies That Move Quickly Or Complete Visits With Seers Who Hold Them In Their Palms As They Spin And Blow Kisses!

Many Fairies Enter Astral To Protect Those Who Are Dreaming Awake On Earth Or Traveling From Higher Dimensions To Explore. Arriving In Bright Pink Portals Of Energy They Are Precious To See And Extremely Protective Of The Innocent And Those Simply Exploring The Area. As Dark Entities Or Thought Form Entities Enter A Space To Harass, They Quickly Sting And Throw A Huge Being Into The Abyss. Nothing Can Ever Harm You In Astral But Belief Can Create Fear. Fairies Teach You About Their Power While Showing You The Power Within You!

As Crafts Travel Through The Cosmos, There Are Many Changes In Frequency. There Are Large Portals Throughout The Traveling Areas. Many Races Live In Different Densities And Enter Portals To Explore Or Visit Others.

As You Shift To SHEEN, There Will Be Massive Portals Of Light! You Will Never Notice As The Moment Will Be Instant. But Around You In Beauty There Will Be Rings Of Color That Are Pulsating And Moving As You Also Are Changing Densities!

Your Abilities To Communicate Telepathically And Your Forgotten Gifts And Desires Will Once Again Be Present As You Remember Who You Really Are!

Portals Are Living Energies Of Transportation To Other Realms Of Existence!

As Infinite Beings Of Light, You Will Always Travel Through Portals!

You Are Returning To The Beginning Of What You Have Always Known!

I Love You So!