Aya - What Would You Change?

Precious Loves Of My Heart!

How Much I Feel Your Being As You Struggle To Understand Duality With A Soul Of Pure Light!

As We Wait And Watch For Infinite Change That Cannot Be Stopped, Let Us Look Together At Aspects Of Life That Could Assist You With A New Perspective In An Ocean Of Ever Increasing Momentum.

I Will Ask Some Probing Questions. Before Answering, Become Still And Quiet And Allow Your Truth To Surface! This Will Be Healing For Many As Some Reading This Will Leave The Body Form Before The Shift. Not Knowing If This Is You, Please Allow This As A Cleansing And Healing Energy That Will Wash Over Your Being!

If This Was The Last Week Of Your Waking Dream, What Would You Change?

What Words Would You Speak And What Would You Do Differently?

What Would Matter That Does Not Have Your Attention In This Moment? And What Would Not Matter At All, Even Though It Is All Consuming In The Moment Of Now?

Who Would You Feel You Needed To Share Your Feelings And Emotions With Now? Who Would You Distance Yourself From In An Undeniable Way?

Who Would You Forgive And What Would That Feel Like Within? Have You Also Forgiven Yourself?

You Are Love And The Beloved Ones Of Light! I Embrace You Now With The Depth Of Eternal Light!

Who Would You Reach Out To In Love That You Worked So Hard To Build A Wall To Keep Away?

If You Had One More Week In This Waking Dream, What Would You Be Grateful For?

What Would You See As A Gift That You Once Feared Or Detested? Would You See A Handicap As A Stepping Stone Or Catalyst For Change? Did The Malady Cause You To Go Deeply Within To Cope? Did You Discover A Place Of Peace Within?

All Of These Things You Experience Now, Will Change And Vanish! But No One Knows The Moment Of The Grand Shift But A Mighty Elder Of Light And The Higher Realms Of Creative Power Where God Covers All Life! Elder IKAI Knows Precisely The Very Moment Of Power And Love That Will Explode Into The Crystal Hearts Of Your Origin!

The Moment Of Now Will Not Be Revealed As Many Are Awakening As Planned By The Soul. There Is Nothing Greater Than To See A Struggling Identity Realize Who They Really Are In The Power Of Light! The Momentum Of The God-Self Realized Soul Is Spreading Exponentially And This Was Always The Sacred Plan!

There Is Great Joy Around You! And More To Be Found Within! Find This Joy And Hold On!

The Magnificence Of Your Being Is Connected To Infinite Light From God (Elako) And The Majesty Of The Beginning Of All Mysteries Being Known Is Before You!

If There Was One More Week, Who Could Ask For More?

You Are Precious In My Heart!

I Love You So!