Aya - About Morning Light - December 6, 2022

Beloved Ones Of My Heart!

Even In Timelessness, The Higher Realms Enjoy The Play Of Experience!

We Enjoy Morning And Night. We Have Rest Periods And Moments Of Sharing With Friends!

Time As You Are Perceiving Is Much More Structured With Clocks, Businesses And Deadlines.

We Have No Money Systems, No Banking, No Crime.

We Enjoy Elders For Leadership And Great Wisdom.

We Carry Wisdom And Creativity Within, But Allowing Elders To Guide Us Brings Clarity And The Sense Of Family For Each Star. Uniting In Great Love, We Are The Family Of Light!

There Is No Jealousy Or Competition As We Understand Life Is Serving Others To Become Our Greatest Light!

Peace Is Our Power And The Light Of ELAKO Is Our Love!

Beloved Ones, In These Moments, I Will Speak To You With Love And Wisdom!

You Are Living In The Dawn Of The Rising Of Light!

Morning Will Be The Breaking Open Of The Sky In Colors You Will Remember!

Vivid Pink, Turquoise, Lavender And Yellow Will Cover The Earth In Flashes Of Beauty!

Morning Will Bring Joy And Peace And The Remembrance Of All Family And Friends From Faraway Stars!

A New Day Is Upon You In These Moments!

Every Loved One, Every Pet, Every Moment Of Love Will Be Yours!

Nothing Was Ever Lost!

In Morning Light, You Will Infinitely Awaken To Dream No More!

Prepare Your Heart And Mind With All Light That You Carry As Your Soul!

You Are Returning To Majesty Where Light Prevails And Is Experienced By All!

Awaken Beloved Ones!

Rise As One Light!

I Cherish You And I Love You So!

I Am AYA, Goddess Of Taygeta!