Akatu - About Those Triggers - September 17, 2022

Friends Of Earth!

As You Take A Seat In The Air, Be Assured I Will Attempt To Catch You!

However, The Density Is Much Lighter Than Your Magnificent Body Will Hold!

So, Grab A Pillow As You Venture To The Ground On Your Lovely Backside!

Now We Will Sit Together In These Moments And Discuss Those Pesky Triggers!

They Are Everywhere Hiding Like Tiny Particles Of Dust! Unseen Until Company Comes!

Then They Pop Out Like Unwelcomed Little Guests! They Just Keep Coming!

So What Is The Problem Here And Why Do Humans Deal With Triggers More Than Anything Else?

Because You Must Be Right! If You Are Not Right, Someone Else Is! Then You Would Be Wrong!

But The Other Is Feeling The Same, So No One Is Having Fun! Indeed!

Triggers Are Plentiful Around The Planet And Part Of The Egoic Mind.

Breathe Deeply And Know This Is Not Part Of Your True Self!

But The Most Confident And Wise Men Alive Will Trigger At The Slightest Criticism. It Seems The Mask Will Slip For A Moment And They Rant Or Insult To Prove Their Point. In Doing So, They Trigger Another. Everyone Has Feelings And Before You Know It There Is A Large Argument Of Ridiculous Energy And The Field That Connects You Energetically Looks More Like A Large Fishnet With Tears And Rips. Now What?

What Are You Allowing In These Moments Of Chaos? Your Intention Was Only To Be Correct And Make A Point. Now You Have Created Feelings With Thoughts And The Creation In 4-D Of Some Very Ugly Thought Forms.

Let’s Just Dial It Down! We Can Do Much Better! Can You Change A Thought Form? Yes Indeed! If You Are A Seer, You Can Ignore Them, Never Fear Them Or Look Directly At A Thought Form Entity And ‘Think’ To Them What You Prefer They Do. For New Followers, Thought Form Entities Reside In 4-D Astral And Are Created By The Person Thinking. They Contain A Small About Of Consciousness And Are Always Around. They Can Be Controlled By Soft Commands To Have Them Sleep, Leave Or You May Just Watch Them Mimic Actions You Have Done Throughout The Day. They Cannot Harm You Or Touch You. They Are Energy.

It Is Helpful To Understand Everything You Observe In 3-D Began As A Thought In 4-D. So Your Words And Thoughts Do Matter. Evil People Thinking Dark Thoughts Will Be Surrounded By Dark Thought Form Entities. To Change This, It Is Always Possible To Reprogram And Change Intentions. Many Thought Forms Are Created From Fear One Has Experienced. This Can Be Changed.

To Experience The Greatest Peace Within, Allow Others To Speak What They Desire, But Consciously Refuse To Allow Their Negativity To Enter Your Field And Trigger Your Being. Dance Away I Would Suggest!

You Always Have Choices And Manners Of Being! Ignore, Keep Your Peace And Don’t Trigger!

Indeed, I Love You So!