Friends Of Earth!

As You Find Stillness, You Will Meet God!

Hearing The Essence Of ‘I AM’ Thundering Like Echoes Of Light In Timelessness, Will Bring You To Truth And Power!

Riding The Vibrations Of Power Unseen Will Carry You In Paths Of Bliss!

I Meet You Again In This Place Of Light Where I Remind You Of How Adorable And Smart I Really Am, As I Stand With My Brothers! Always The Shortest And Always Bringing Them A Smile, I Hope Now To Bring That Smile To You!

Indeed! We Must Smile To Walk Through Darkness As We Shine In Light That Is Brighter Each Moment!

I Will Speak Truth As I Tell You That Your Energy Field Is Both Your Doorway And Your Shield!

The Field You Maintain Around You Can Be Vulnerable To Interference By Energies That You Might Deem Undesirable!

Many That Parade Around You With Smiles Are Hiding The Darkness Of Their Agenda!

With A Good Heart, You Overlook The Signals And Allow Them Closer. You Know The Ones!

Many Of You Can Sense Dark Energy And You Bristle And Are Repelled As They Enter Your Field.

With A Little Practice, You Can Daily Align Your Chakras, Place White Light Around Your Being And Give A Command For All Darkness To Leave Your Presence. Know That Some Will Hide Or Leave And Return. Commanding Is Your Right As A Being Of Light! They Must Go. They Will Go! But They Linger Until You Command.

When Circumstances Deliver You To A State Of Being That You Recognize To Be Unbalanced, Take The Opportunity To Step Back For A Moment. Withdraw Your Energies And Cease Conscious Interaction With All That Surrounds You, All That Is External To The Source Of Your Own Being.

Allow Your Awareness To Guide You To A Place Of Stillness Deep Within.

Become Centered In The Silence Of That Space.

Breathe Deeply As You Realize That God Is The Light Of Your Creation.

Surrender To The Peace That Calls Out To You Each Moment!

You Are This Beauty And Love That You Seek.

Nothing Can Harm You As You Allow All Negativity To Fall Away!

I Will Leave You With This! If You Need A Smile, Know I Will Dance For You Soon!

If You Need To Laugh, Know That LAKA Will Stand To Block Me As He Is Very Large And I Must Look Around His Elbow To Be Seen! But I Am By Far The Most Intelligent! We Will Have Great Fun In Sheen!

We Will Bring The Lights And Music!

You Can Bring Lots Of Hugs!

Indeed, I Love You So!