Neioh – Thousands Of Years Ago In Remote Areas Around The Planet, There Were Giants That Walked Among Humans. In Other Communications, We Have Revealed The Origin Of Many Of These Massive Beings. For The Teaching Of Stonehenge, The Focus Is On One Race Of Beings That Arrived By The Inception Of Dark Forces That Chose To Leave The Light That Was Offered To Change Their Very Existence.

The Experience Of Light Was Gifted By The Galactic Federation And Over Time, Some Of The Members From Uranus, Sirius And Areas Of The Constellation Of Orion, Chose To Rise Up And Demand Power Of Their Own. The Light Forces Move With Unity And Love And Those Members That Caused Discord Were Banished Back To Their Homes. There Was Disbursement  And Scattering Of Beings That Collected In Darkness On A Star Called ECEP. These Beings Stand Twenty Five Feet Tall With Massive Strength. They Are Called ‘EP’ By Others That Share Their Existence Of Trouble Making. This Hybrid Race Arrived On Earth With The Intention To Rule And Live In Power.

In Areas Of Egypt And The Land That You Call Wiltshire, England, The ‘EP’ Lived And Thrived In Mountainous Regions. They Consumed Water And Trees Which Allowed Them To Thrive. Humans Were Terrified At The Appearance Of These Massive Beings. The Giants Roared And Growled As The Humans Ran And Hid Among The Rocks.

A Plan Was Made To Deceive Those In Hiding As The ‘EP’ Gathered To Meet With A Scheme Of Deception. Indeed, They Would Pretend To Help The Small Humans That Gathered In Terror. The Giants Would Convince The Humans That They Were Sacred Beings From The Sky And That Technology Was Available For Everyone In The Building Of Homes And Provisions Of Areas For Fresh Water.

The Giants Began Their Operation Of Deception By Gathering Massive Stones From Many Locations. The People Watched In Amazement As Stones Were Carried With Ease And Placed On The Ground In Perfect Symmetry. Humans Came Closer And Crowds Formed. They Believed That Castles And Beautiful Structures Would Be Their New Homes. The Giants Laughed Among Themselves As The Darkness Increased. In Areas Of Egypt And England, The Rippling Effects Of Darkness Hatched More Plans Of Deceit.

In This Sharing Of Truth, There Will Be Great Distress In Knowing All That Transpired. For This Reason, We Warn Those With Sensitive Hearts To Not Listen Further. We Never Desire To Cause Distress And Our Mission And Intention Is Always Light!

Darkness In The Intensity Of Harm And Deception Will Often Present As Light Before Action Is Taken. So It Was In The Lives Of The Giants. As People Drew Near For The Assistance Of Those Believed To Be Sacred Light, They Were Captured And Taken To Areas Where They Would Be Sacrificed To Darkness And The Beings That Served Hatred And Power. Those In Captivity Were Burned Or Cut With Weapons. Indeed, Blood Was The Ritual For Demons And These Blood Thirsty Giants Were The Epitome Of Evil In Form.

Five Thousand Years Ago Is Nothing In Timelessness. But This Was The Creation Of What You Know As Stonehenge. Remains Of Humans Lie Beneath The Giant Stones Of Mystery. Gone Are The Days Of Giants On The Earth!

As Shared In Previous Communications, Goddess AYA Visited Earth With The Power Of Her Being And Commanded The Cessation Of These Operations Of Destruction. The Giants Fled In The Presence Of Such Light! She Visited The Areas Of Deception And Freed The People That Remained. The Remnants Of The Giants Left, Turned On Themselves In Mass Hysteria.

The Earth Is Free Of Evil Forces Visiting, Yet The Darkness Of Entities Still Rises In Sacrifices. Many Demonic Forces Are Bound In Captivity By The Galactic Federation. Soon There Will Be No More Darkness To Contend With As Light Will Prevail!

Seeing Relics Without A Story Has Always Told You Of Visitors Unknown. The Galactic Federation’s Work Is Seen In The Beauty Of Artifacts With Intricate Carvings And Columns That Surround Structures Of Magnificence. Now You Understand The Randomness Of Placement Of Gigantic Stones Of Mystery And Intrigue. You Are Blessed, Beloved Ones, To Be Rid Of The Creators Of Stonehenge.

Neioh – Stonehenge