“They are friends from the star VEGA. It’s not an accident for them to be seen.” – Neioh (October 2017)

Lyrans From Vega (TREULAS from VOATAE)

Neioh – Lyra Is A Small And Dim Constellation But Is Home To One Of The Brightest Stars Seen From Earth. This Star You Would Know As Vega. It Shines Brightly And If You Have Looked At The Night Sky, You Have Seen This Beautiful Star! These Beautiful Beings Call Themselves TREULAS And Their Home That Is Known To You As Vega Is Known To Them As VOATAE.

What Would We Desire For You To Know And Understand?

These Beings Are Kind And Gentle. They Have Magnificent Technology Which Had Been Shared By Pleiadians As They Struggled To Create Their First Machines Long Ago. They Fly In Very Large Crafts Which Are Equipped For Extended Travel And Carry Great Numbers For Impressive Occupancy In Comparison To Most Crafts. Pleaidians And Most Other Races Travel In Family Crafts, Exploration Crafts, Motherships And Other Designs. We Do Not Take A Massive Craft With Hundreds Of Friends To Fly Aimlessly Through The Multiverses.

TREULAS Do This And We Find Great Humor With Observing Their Efforts. But They Are Living As They Choose And We Honor This! They Are Not An Elohim Race. They Are Created By God-Source (Elako). They Have Mates And Children. They Do Not Incarnate To Earth And There Are No Members Of The Light Forces From Lyra.

Neioh – Vega Lyrans (TREULAS from VOATAE)

Mainstream Scientific Attention

There are several details which rule out Oumuamua being a meteor or asteroid. Most notably, it sped up. Scientists observed a strong non-gravitational acceleration indicating gravity was not the only thing dictating its path. Furthermore, there were no gases escaping, there was no dust trail left behind, and no heat was detected from thermal infrared scans.

The Chair of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy, Avi Loeb, released a book in 2021 saying what Pleiadians had shared in 2017: Oumuamua was an extraterrestrial craft originating from the star Vega.