Neioh – They are friends from the star VEGA. It’s not an accident for them to be seen.

Lyrans From Vega

According to Pleiadians, Lyrans from Vega are passive and friendly. They don’t cause problems for anyone. They stand 4 feet tall, have yellowish skin, slit eyes, a circular mouth and a narrow nose. They are not members of Galactic Federation but their craft was allowed to be seen by Earth for the purpose of gradual disclosure.

These Lyrans are not involved with Earth in any significant way. They have no direct contactees, they are not soul incarnated as humans, and they aren’t assisting with Earth’s ascension.

Mainstream Scientific Attention

There are several details which rule out Oumuamua being a meteor or asteroid. Most notably, it sped up. Scientists observed a strong non-gravitational acceleration indicating gravity was not the only thing dictating its path. Furthermore, there were no gases escaping, there was no dust trail left behind, and no heat was detected from thermal infrared scans.

The Chair of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy, Avi Loeb, released a book in 2021 saying what Pleiadians had shared in 2017: Oumuamua was an extraterrestrial craft originating from the star Vega.