The Meaning of 144,000

The 144,000 from ancient scriptures refers to the number of starseeds who will be activated with a special frequency to assist with the process of global ascension.

The Shift to 5D is a planet by Galactic Federation, which will be initiated by Elder Ikai of Taygeta at the chosen moment. This process is assisted by gigantic programmed quartz crystals placed underground through the planet, and by incarnated souls carrying a specific frequency.

There are millions of starseeds who are incarnated now to experience the Shift but only a small fraction of these would be considered lightworkers, or wayshowers, elevating human consciousness.

At least 144,000 individuals are needed to hold the light for the planet until The Shift. Certain starseeds are encoded for specific missions. The vibrational frequency is carried within to feed the planet and others through a network of light. After the Shift, the 144,000 will gather from wherever they are to come together for the honor and celebration.

Clarifying Definitions

A lightworker or wayshower is a human-created term referring to anyone who is actively assisting with the spiritual enlightenment of humanity through their individual intent. A starseed is a soul incarnated from outside of Earth, who can receive downloads and transmissions from outside galactic groups. Earth-native souls do not receive downloads or special frequencies through their DNA. Not all starseeds are considered lightworkers, because there is free will and not all starseeds choose to live a high vibrational life.

At different points in history there have been more high vibrational lightworkers, but as the numbers of incarnated starseeds have increased in these last days before the Shift, the numbers of conscious lightworkers has decreased.

Neioh – Lightworkers And Starseeds

Starseed Numbers (2017)

200M: Starseeds incarnated
75M: Pleiadians incarnated
50M: Arcturians incarnated

These are the 2 main groups. The rest of the starseed population are a mix of many other star races.

6M: Pleiadians serving in Galactic Federation (not all starseeds are members of GF)
30M: Galactic Federation members
802,058: Archangels assisting in non-physical
3,850: Archangels incarnated