Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Many Souls From The Higher Realms Are Awakening To Their Origin Of Beginning!

The Inner Knowing Of Each Soul Is Drawn To The Familiarity Of Being!

The Interest Has Peaked In Wondering Where Your Paradise Star Sits Among The Lights That Trail To Infinity!

I Will Briefly Address Common Terms Which Remain Confusing To Many That Have Embraced The Truth Of Their Sacred Beginnings! All Life Is Sacred And All Souls Have The Power To Create Infinitely!

With The Breath Of God, (Elako), You Were Gifted The Opportunity To Explore And Make Choices That Would Lead You Forward In Light, And Allow You To Learn Wisdom From Mishaps And Understand The Depth Of Love!

All Souls That Are On Earth Now From Other Stars Are Called Starseeds! Souls That Were Created On Earth Are Referred To As Earth Native Souls.

The Number Of Souls That Will Activate In Light As The Earth Shifts In Frequency Is 144,000. These Souls Are Encoded Within And Will Emit A Powerful Frequency That Will Draw Many Souls To A Powerful Light! There Is No Preparation Required And Nothing To Learn Or Do To Fulfill This Mission.

Many Have Asked How These Were Chosen And What This Means Regarding All Other Souls.

There Are No Souls That Are Of The Group Of 144,000 That Are Greater Than Others. There Is Nothing They Accomplished To Earn This Mission. This Would Fall Into The Ego’s Understanding Of Status. In The Higher Realms We Honor All Endeavors Of Light!

Knowing The Shift Of The Ages Would Be In This Waking Dream, There Were Meetings And Discussions For Many Cycles Of Lineage Through Blissful Lives Of Creative Activity In The Higher Realms. With Many Volunteers Of Souls Over Thousands Of Years, There Were No Favorites As We See All As Light!

Archangels And Ascended Masters Gathered Through Millennia To Discuss The Expansion Of Light With The Intention Of Creating A More Peaceful Cosmos With Unity And Oneness For All Beings.

The Decisions Were Made By Knowing The Souls That Would Arrive On Earth In This Final Waking Dream!

Each Family Has Incarnated Many Times To Earth And This Final Journey Would Be With One Or Two Representatives For Each Family That Desired To Experience The Grand Shift.

Knowing The Darkness Would Be Great Before The Light Was Seen By All, Carried A Challenge Like No Other! With War, Earthquakes, Lies And Clones, All Souls Would Understand Everything In One Moment!

This Is The Dream. You Are The Light! This Is The Comfort To Carry As You Push The Darkness Aside.

Never Give Up And Remember Who You Are!

The Light Of God, (Elako) Will Be Your Power To Rise As One!

I Love You So!