Why Do UFOs Have Lights?

Kab (April 9, 2023) – Why do UFOs have lights?  So you can see them. People study UFOs for years without reaching this most obvious conclusion.

In the past, there have been positive, negative and neutral ETs in our skies, but all of that has changed because of our proximity to the Shift.

There are no accidental UFO sightings anymore. Our skies are currently protected by benevolent Elohim, known as Galactic Federation. All UFOs currently being seen are intended to be seen. They always know where the cameras are.

It’s a misconception that higher dimensional beings of light don’t use crafts or technology. It’s true that they can open portals from across the galaxy and simply walk through, but crafts are still useful for transporting crews, animals, and technology.

Galactic Federation crafts blink lights just like human crafts do. This is to partially blend in with human aircraft, so they can be seen by only those who are ready to see them. They never want to cause fear. Most people won’t be mentally ready to accept they’re seeing extraterrestrial crafts until after the Shift.

Galactic Federation ambassadors have been meeting with compartmentalized military personnel and NSA for many years. They land on military bases and can instantly change their physical appearance to blend in.

Negative military are aware of this and have continually tried to conceal their presence by hiding evidence and promoting disinformation. Now we are at the point where it’s time for Galactic Federation to be known. Nothing can stop them from being seen, and they’ll never allow a fake alien invasion.

It’s not logical that secret human crafts would be allowed to be seen by the public by the cabal. The Pentagon isn’t exposing their own secret programs. This narrative is incoherent. Crafts with lights have been seen since the beginning of civilization, and it’s only increasing.

I’m not denying the military has had secret technology or secret space programs in the past, but that’s not allowed anymore. Pleiadians have total control of the space around Earth, not the cabal or their puppet masters.

If the military industrial complex had access to secret crafts that could defy known physics, there wouldn’t be long drawn out wars. If they had the ability to deceive us with real UFOs and fake invasions, they would have already done so.

Everything we’re seeing publicly corresponds to the overall readiness of the collective consciousness determined by Galactic Federation. Individuals have UFO experiences based on personal soul plans. Keep looking up and you might have one too.

Pleiadians know what we can handle and they’ll never cause us unnecessary fear. At the moment of the Shift when the skies fill with crafts, you’ll remember everything and you’ll be ready.

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