Where's Enki?

Kab – If Enki is so great, why is he so… absent?

Many people researching ETs falsely assume that because Enki was praised by elites in ancient times, he must be our true creator. But the elites always worshiped evil entities.

The Sumerian anunnaki aren’t the creators of humans, they are the deceivers. Enki and Enlil were co-conspirators playing opposite sides to divide humans into separate tribes. Good Cop-Bad Cop.

The word anunnaki only means “sky god”. They aren’t a separate race of extraterrestrials. This is just what primitive humans called some ETs.

The Sumerian anunnaki were the fallen angels from scripture that rebelled against our true Elohim creators (Galactic Federation).

These rebels were mostly Sirians and Orions. They were led by a Sirian named Oppisheklio, the brother of the Sirian leader Ashtar. Oppisheklio was known by Ea, Enki, Apollo, Apollyon, Abaddon, Lucifer and many other names.

Nibiru was a craft, not a planet. It’s not returning and it’s not relevant anymore.

Oppisheklio manipulated the genetics of one bloodline, which is the basis of the Adam and Eve story. This is the extent of Enki’s “creation”. This separate bloodline had elongated heads in the beginning which went away over many generations.

Jesus was born into this bloodline, and so were many other Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians etc. The Soul matters more than genetics or bloodlines, because we’re all Souls, not bodies. The body is only a temporary vehicle for the Soul.

Modern humans were upgraded much earlier than the arrival of the Sumerian anunnaki, by Pleiadians and Galactic Federation (positive Elohim). Humans look like Pleiadians and Archangels more than any other ET group, which is a big clue.

God-Source isn’t the same as Elohim. God is not a man from the sky who judges or has fragile emotions like jealousy or anger. These superstitious beliefs have been controlling people for thousands of years.

God isn’t a character in a story that competes for attention. God is everything. God created our Souls, Elohim upgraded our bodies.

Our true Elohim creators never presented themselves as Gods, but as guides and teachers. They incarnated as humans many times themselves. They appear as Angels of Light, and they never stopped assisting Earth.

There are no other groups currently sharing spiritual messages or flying around in crafts but Galactic Federation and their close allies. This is your clue to who our true Elohim creators are.

The elites made Oppisheklio the primary God in their hijacking of spiritual teachings about God-Source, taught by prophets like Jesus.

Enlil (Pidkozox) is leader of the dark forces, but Pleiadians call Oppisheklio the greatest deceiver Earth has ever known, because he’s literally worshiped as God in many modern religions.

Oppisheklio and Pidkozox are now both imprisoned by Galactic Federation. They can still communicate with their cults through astral but they can’t move from where they are held. They will both be destroyed after all souls ascend or depart from this 3D reality following The Shift.