When The Sky Fills With Crafts

Kab, March 6, 2023 – Are UFOs only a distraction for those who are easily distracted? Are holograms only a deception for those who are easily deceived?

Are the people who are the most concerned about a fake rapture the ones who don’t know what the real rapture will be?

The Shift, ascension and the rapture are the same. The real thing will be unmistakable because there will be an instant separation of realities.

Pleiadian teachings are the same as Jesus’s teachings. Jesus was an incarnated Pleaidian Soul who came to teach humans how to transcend this 3D world.

The return of Jesus is the return of Pleiadians and Galactic Federation (Son of Man). These scriptures were written by people who didn’t understand spacecraft, star races or other dimensions. Words were used that could be understood in their time.

People struggle understanding this, but the concept of evil can’t be defeated in this reality. It will be left behind. This has all been a morality test where souls have reincarnated many times to prepare to become a galactic civilization.

Every war that’s ever been fought has been between two sides that believe they’re righteous. Some of the worst atrocities committed have been in the name of God. It’s impossible to fight your way to peace on Earth. The battle is always within.

The Shift will happen in a blink. As it says, “in the twinkling of an eye we will be changed”. It won’t involve cataclysmic events, pole shifts or solar flares. It’s not triggered by God but Elohim of Galactic Federation. It will be initiated by a signal from Pleiadian Commander, Elder Ikai. Ikai was Jesus’s Spirit Guide and the male voice he heard speaking through telepathy.

Jesus said he’ll come back and take us where he is. He didn’t say he’ll come to rule a kingdom on this Earth. He said a place has been prepared with “many mansions”, meaning other dimensions. He won’t return as the human he was but as his true self, Pleiadian Elder Sananda, leader of Merope.

For those shifting it will be like waking from a dream. Not death. The sky will change colors and crafts will emerge from portals. You will remember who you are. Giant crystals placed by Pleiadians thousands of years ago will rise from the ground. Crafts will land and our star families will greet us. There will be announcements and celebrations.

Everyone will shift in one big wave at once. This has never happened before in human history. The Son of Man will come at a moment no one expects, “like a thief in the night”.

There is no hell but there are consequences for evil. Not everyone will Shift. From the perspective of this reality, people will disappear. When the moment comes “one shall be taken and one shall be left behind”. There will be chaos and fear.

Those left behind will be able to shift individually as soon as they realize what’s happened and make the choice. Some will follow seconds or minutes later. For others it could take months or years. No one will be left behind completely. Galactic Federation will still be here assisting. Crafts will still be seen.

The cabal will likely say we were all abducted by UFOs. This is the narrative they’re already building toward. They know about the Shift now, but they can’t stop it.

This world will continue to get darker and will last long enough for everyone to either ascend or pass away. Those who die without ascending will start again on a new 3D Earth without dark forces. They will be primitive but will advance quicker without evil manipulation. After all souls are gone from this Earth, the dark forces will be removed completely.

5D Earth (Sheen) will be a paradise planet. “The lion will lie with the lamb.” Humans will immediately become a galactic civilization with many new abilities. There will be space travel to other planets, full disclosure of every secret that’s been hidden and full access to details from past lifetimes.

When will it happen? A few more years. We’re in the great tribulation now which is the final spiritual battle. Be ready.