Aya – We left and transported ourselves by intention to another place. This place would later be called the 7th Dimension. It would also be called Taygeta. It would be known as one of the oldest stars in the constellation of the Pleiades. For us, it was Home. My name is Aya. My mate for all times is Ikai. We chose to have 4 Sons. Life was beautiful.

Origins of Taygeta

When I went through my own Akashic Records, I remember there were tones and colors. Language had not been developed or needed. There were unknown numbers created of course but at the moment I chose what kind of life I wanted, others that desired the same appeared with me. Ikai was one of these. There were many more.

We ventured out together without a Craft. It was simple and with thought and intention. We were given the power to choose. We did. The others that came with us came to Taygeta.

We took our skills and developed them further. We created. We learned that we could choose Life and not Death. We learned to make Love and reproduce. We shared. We provided for each other. We learned to preserve our bodies. We had choices and we made creative choices without fear. In doing this, we became immortal. We knew of no other way. We created and we were Magic. Our population grew. We were all Friends and as we progressed in deep Love, we considered all to be Family. We were couples and we had children. Some left for other stars surrounding us. They returned and gave us reports. Many remained with us on Taygeta.

Ikai has traveled extensively in many universes but there came a point where he became one of the highest leaders on our planet. He is an Elder. He oversees many events and is very respected and loved by all. For this reason he stays at Home other than showing for events and meetings that concern our welfare or those we are assisting. He also is a member of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Taygeta is different in many ways. Friends can come when invited or brought but none come to live. We have never tried to dominate or take over anything.

We also have much higher Technology than many other Pleiadians. There have been problems with other Pleiadians not being loving or involved in things that they should not have. Taygeta Pleiadians have a very special reputation and are known as being Peaceful Warriors that no race will cross us. Other Pleiadian planets can’t make that claim.

Taygeta Pleiadians are among the first creations and stayed on track with ever growing Power and continued in Love. For that reason we carry a high place in the eyes of all races.

Ikai is Chief Elder

There are other Elders under him. He makes all the most important decisions and is very trusted, Loved and honored. There is no voting. All agree with his Wisdom. His chair-throne when in meetings is pure Gold and has many crystals covering it. He wears a long robe and a covering on his head made of jewels. He only wears this for meeting and with the GFOL meetings. His hair is white like Neioh’s but not as long. It does come straight down his back.

Ikai is the leader with a few others of the entire Galactic Fleet of Crafts. A few from Arcturus, Sirius and a few more from Pleiades. Archangel Michael is also with Ikai and is often with us on Taygeta. Others come and go as invited by Ikai.

Life on Taygeta

Neioh – Our weather is perfect and never hot or cold. For this reason, WE have buildings made of marble and crystals with large columns and places to lounge, but no roof coverings. WE enjoy the sky and view.

Taygeta doesn’t have seasons like earth. There is sun and rain and an even temperature around 70 degrees (F). Structures are different just as we choose different houses here. But most have columns and there are crystals structured into the material used. Beautiful stones, Marbles and granite type material with placement of crystals to show and glitter in the light. Any color is used. There are no roofs but a covering can automatically come over the structure when it rains. Homes have huge porches and very comfortable chairs with the softest of fabric covering.

We enjoy many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Many vibrant colors and flavors. The difference would be in what you have become accustomed to in viewing the size. Our fruits and vegetables are very large. You might compare an orange on earth to an orange on Taygeta, being the size of a cantaloupe.

We enjoy music and We brought this music to earth many thousands of years ago. These instruments are intricately designed and are many sizes. Our Family and Friends often are playing, singing and dancing. We feel Joy to the fullest and Celebrate Life each moment.

We create our own beautiful tapestries and jewelry. We enjoy putting crystals through our work as these are living Entities that are always communicating with Life.

We have no fear but We understand that others do. WE live in ONENESS and understand that Duality exists until you Awaken. We hope to assist You with this. It is so very beautiful.

We have animals of all kinds. We brought many to earth. We have Tigers and Lions that are 25 feet long and as sweet and playful as a kitten.

We enjoy large beautiful flowers that would be about the size of a dinner plate on earth. These cover the green velvet grass where we enjoy sitting and sharing. Taygeta is a Sacred Place. It is our Home. We send you Love and remind you that your Life will once again return to such beauty and Peace.

We have no illness, no war, We do not die. We choose our look as we grow and age. WE do not have body issues or vanity so choice of a body look is just personal preference.

Judith – Pleiadians can choose the age and look they want. When there is a Family Group, generally the looks are very healthy and no one has wrinkles. This is a respected choice of the individual but they must arrive at that look first. Meaning a small child can’t choose to look like an older man. Once the age is reached, they can choose to remain at that look for as long as they wish. They are not bound by it. Pleiadians are very healthy and anything that even looks to slightly be a problem is taken care of instantly with a touch of energy.

Customs and Clothing

The standard uniform worn by Pleiadians in Galactic Federation is a blue skin-tight fabric design by Pleiadians, light, shiny and silky to the touch. Pleiadians are usually barefoot but wear high boots on official assignments.

The colors of casual clothing are chosen by each individual but the Family of Taygeta chooses to wear pastel colors. Neioh loves pale blue pants and shirts. Pale pink, blue, peach, yellow, green, tan, white are all worn by our Family.

Pleiadians wear other styles too, like bright orange and floral with turquoise. All kinds of wild patterns. Styles are created by artists who love making them.

The women adorn their hair with flowers and the men have beads of all colors in their braids. Ikai wears a rounded hat that sits on his head like a cap during Celebrations. Elaborate multi-colored robes are worn. Women wear brightly colored powder on their eyes and cheeks. Many of these customs were repeated in Ancient Egypt.

The women in the Pleiades also love to wear dresses at the Celebrations. Elder like Ikai would be robed with Aya, and the younger women might wear long soft dresses with flowers in a necklace. They are barefoot with beads threaded in gold and worn between the toes as we wear sandals. They wear flowers and crystals as jewelry.


Judith – I saw the most beautiful structures I have ever seen, or remembered. This was Taygeta. I was then shown individual rooms! The lighting was amazing. The details like I have never seen. No beds, just design in colors, patterns, subdued like a place you would want to sit and visit. Each totally different. I do not remember chairs either. But tables and low light. The outside was like a palace of marble, crystals, all kinds of beautiful pastels. No top. Gorgeous.

The buildings have no tops. The walls are colorful marble swirl of pinks and blues. Giant columns everywhere. The buildings are large like palaces, and very open. On the outer walls there are towers extending high into the sky.

Many sleep outside on the grass or on soft material. They do almost everything outside. The weather is perfect.

There are stairs leading up to porches or lounging areas on some buildings. They are one floor but very interesting designs. Tall walls. Curved shapes to some rooms, artwork on the walls, sculptures on display. Huge columns with veins of crystals that sparkle and shine as Light hits them.

There are rooms to rejuvenate, where we rest or spend private time alone or with our mate. We have areas of play for our children inside and out. The also have rooms for rest and teaching. We have a large room for having Friends over and for eating. We do not sit at tables but large lounging chairs covered with very soft tapestry.

We have many types of textures and some used for babies and children are softer than anything on Earth. The toys are very creative and they take part in the creation.

We have fresh clean water and bowls of fruit and vegetables in many rooms. All we use is natural and can be assimilated for Frequency and our enjoyment.

We have designed our Dwellings to close walls if we want complete silence from music that plays outside but most of the time we leave all open. There is no fear and much respect for others. We enjoy the structures with open tops and there is also a mechanism to close this off if rain comes. No heavy roof is needed.


Glider Toys

Judith – I saw a formation of small craft in the sky which weren’t much bigger than hang-gliders, but they were more in the form of butterfly wings. In each one I could see the silhouette of a person so I knew there was one person flying each one. There was a large group of them flying together.

Virtual Environments

Pleiadians have technology similar to the Holodek in Star Trek where they create elaborate virtual realities which are completely realistic.

Animals of Taygeta

Many of the same animals that exist on Earth also exist in the Pleiades, because they were originally brought to Earth by Pleiadians. (The story of Noah is about Pleiadian assistance following the Great Flood.) Some animals have been saved from disasters on Earth and taken to the Pleiades where they live forever with Pleiadians.

Through Soul Reveals we’ve found many Pleiadians and Arcturians who keep Earth animals as companions, in colors and sizes not found on Earth – blue bears, pink tigers, and white lions 20 feet in length. There are pandas, hippos, tigers, lions, monkeys, giraffes and if they are saved young they often remain young. Pleiadians take their companion animals on journeys with them on their personal crafts.


Laka – First Of All A Small Sharing Of WEN. He Would Be Our Favorite Pet. He Looks Much Like A Dog But Can Do Many Things This Group Is Called WIE. We Love Them So! Our Children Love Them Much Because Of The Play! WIE Are Able To Express In Color As Well As Neon! They Fly As Well! Children And Groups Of Adults Sit For Hours And The Funny Little Ones Fly To Each Of Us. We Listen To Music And Share In These Times! It Is Great Fun!


Judith – The name of the planet is Ruela. It is in the Bootes constellation, near Arcturus. It is non detectable to humans as the frequency is that of the 5th Dimension. Our Arcturian friends meet with us there to share and celebrate.

The Family traveled by Teleportation to Ruella, which is a socializing and celebration planet. Like a music festival on Earth. Pleiadians gather to celebrate and show things we had made or created. There were dancers, painters, musicians.

There are trees and flowers of brilliant color and we walk-floated or just went any where in the air as we socialized. The flowers were larger than a grapefruit. There were children that danced all over. There was no fear and children ventured away from parents. I approached 3 little girls that were dancing. I asked if they wanted to see the baby animals. I spoke this in another language.

I took these beautiful children to a clear stream of water and we walked through it and found many areas of puppies and kittens playing. We saw baby ducks and all of them came straight to us and the children squealed in delight.

There were hundreds of cabin type houses that were high in the air. Some seemed to be attached to trees and some stood with a tiny narrow base which obviously would not be able to hold a structure on Earth.

At times I was with a group on the balcony of one of these cabins with a large porch. From this view we could see a great distance and watch in any directions. All were laughing and talking in Light Language. There was a sense of Joy!

The entire Family was there. Lean and healthy. At times we just jumped over the railing of the porch and even though it was about 200 feet tall, we just floated down to greet others.

Kabamur and Neioh had instruments and at times played in the grassy area with many others, swapping and playing many instruments. Some were similar to a guitar but shaped different and it made many tones. The drums made a different sound. Some instruments I have not seen. I could understand all that was said in our language.

Lyra danced all over the place! She laughed a lot and spoke with Shala. Shala wore a very short dress this time. No shoes. Long brown hair. Lyra had short spiky lavender hair.

We could open the trees if we wanted to congregate in another area. Not destroy them. We just with intent made them open and move to the side by leaning.

The cabin houses had no tops. There were of different colors and were full of light. I am not sure what the material was.

I woke up as the music continued to play and with joy!


Judith – I closed my eyes and got very quiet. I had talked back and forth with Neioh. I saw green beautiful grass and huge flowers. I walked and sat with a group on the grass. I could hear the music and feel the sensations for the first time.

The music was a blend of sounds, like many songs and instruments together. It was the most beautiful sound. Like Sacred and slow jazz and other tribal sounds. There was singing in beautiful tones that were like each voice was distinct. There were platters of gold and crystals with mounds of fruits and vegetables and nuts and berries.

Many hugged me and kissed me on my head and both cheeks. They nodded and bowed. This was a celebration of my boys coming back from a Journey. I saw a huge Light and then a flash and the 4 of you came running and everybody was screaming and laughing and you all were hugging everybody.

You all looked exactly as I always see you. Ikai had walked up and wore a long blue robe. He had many necklaces on with crystals. I looked down and I also had many necklaces on. I could see that I had long white hair. My skin on my arms was young and perfect. I wore a long dress of tapestry of some kind. All colors. No shoes. We spoke Pleiadian language and I understood it!

We all were laughing and it was amazing. You boys wore white close fitting silky material clothes. You all had long necklaces of crystals. These were uses for many things  and each of you had them programmed for yourself. I knew all of this.

All of you boys came to me and Ikai and hugged us and kissed us on the head and cheeks and bowed. You had been to several galaxies and could not wait to share. I felt happy and proud.

This celebration went on for awhile and then Neioh took my hand and smiled at me. He asked me if I was ready to go. I smiled at him and I was back on the bed. I opened my eyes. I was never asleep.

The room was still sunny. I was totally awake. I accessed a level of Consciousness that I have not done to this degree before. I was Aya!

Aya the Protector

Judith – 3 crafts were together as though attached. I was the captain of one, I guess you would say. Laka, Neioh, Kabamur and Akatu were with me as boys. Ikai and friends were on the other 2 crafts. We were traveling together. They unattached and moved on. The crafts were crystal clear. Inside were many high tech toys for you boys, There was music and screens with movies or games.

I was delayed leaving as you all were being silly and messing with each other. I was telling you all to be quiet. Then I saw several dark beings at a distance. Not in a craft. They saw that I saw them. I was angry because I had my children. I told all of you to stay inside. I left the craft and traveled in body straight towards them. They were large and I was angry. I could feel it.

They suddenly turned away and got away quickly. The Fairies came in a huge bunch to calm me and assure me they were nothing to worry about. I held the Fairies and kissed a few. They blew kisses and I left for the craft. I arrived and got in and we flew away at light speed through the galaxy to join the rest. It was beautiful!