Kab, May 21, 2023 –  I was raised religious so I understand the resistance to break away from specific interpretations. But to find real truth we must be willing reevaluate our deepest held beliefs. Pleiadian information is helping us see the bigger picture.

Satan isn’t a name it’s a title meaning ‘to stand against’. It can be used abstractly or it can refer to a being that leads the dark forces on Earth.

On his home planet, Pidkozox is a large reptilian. (Not all reptilians are evil, but this one is.) He was portrayed in myths as a grey old man. In his true form he has 4 arms, long claws and scaly yellow skin. He’s not from Orion, but our own solar system.

Pidkozox was never a member of Galactic Federation, but was a father and mentor to someone who was. Oppisheklio was the brother of the Sirian leader, Ashtar. Out of jealousy, and under Pidkozox’s influence, Oppisheklio lead a faction of Sirians and reptilians to Earth.

They played opposite sides to divide humans into tribes and create wars. Pidkozox was an angry Father God (bad cop) and Oppisheklio was the false light God offering knowledge to humans (good cop). In ancient Mesopotamia they were Enlil and Enki. They were father and son, not brothers.

Lucifer means light-bringer, but should be interpreted as false light when referring to Enki. He often played a sun god, or a Son of the Father God.

As Enki, Oppisheklio altered only one bloodline but called himself creator of the entire universe. Humans were upgraded by Pleiadians and Galactic Federation millions of years prior to the arrival of these rebel anunnaki.

In a satanic establishment, dark forces are celebrated. Enki was praised because false light has always been mainstream. The real Light Forces have always been with us assisting Earth in many ways but their importance has been de-emphasized by the establishment.

Pidkozox’s last human lifetime was as Henry Kissinger at a point earlier in his life. The last human lifetime of Oppisheklio was Joseph Stalin, as a walk-in soul that entered later in his life.

Both entities are currently imprisoned in a Galactic Federation base in Antarctica. A demon called Bes serves as messenger for them to communicate to the cabal. The cabal is lead by Larry Page (formerly George Soros). They perform blood rituals in secret meetings to manifest dark plans.

Partial access is allowed by Galactic Federation as part of the duality experience until the Shift. After everyone departs this timeline, these beings will be permanently dealt with by Galactic Federation.