Ringmakers of Saturn: The Earth-Sized Craft Near Saturn

NASA Voyager Mission, 1980

Neioh – What is seen in the photos that were preserved are a small number compared to the significant amount of footage lost or disposed of due to fear of the unknown spreading across Earth. This is another example of the many opportunities to reveal the Power of Light through Pleiadians. These are not Crafts as most have seen, but are moving Stations from point to point as we choose. They travel as Motherships but are as large as the Earth.

Thousands can occupy one Station and other Races will join in meetings here. Motherships from the Pleiades, Arcturus and other friends will fly directly to the Station as it opens with giant ramps and security as Races board and their Mothership leaves the premises. These activities are carried on in many galaxies. These are meetings of the Galactic Federation and these Stations cannot be harmed in any way. They are excellent for transferring information and reporting activities throughout the cosmos. When meetings have completed, Motherships arrive in sequence from each Race and Star System and they leave. The Station will relocate for the next meeting.

Bob Dean worked at NATO headquarter from 1963 to 1967. He joined the US Army on April 5, 1960, and also served in combat service in Korea and later in Vietnam. He got retired from the army on October 31, 1976, as a Command Sergeant Major.

On 25 July 2009, he released a set of photographs that he claimed had been in NASA archives for a long time but the agency did not want the world to see them. In a lecture, he presented photos from the Voyager mission received by his friend, Dr. Norman Bergrun, a scientist and engineer for NASA’s Ames Research Centre and Lockheed Martin. Dr. Bergrun played a key role in the Voyager missions, the probes that were sent out and tasked with photographing Saturn, its rings, and moons.

There are photos from that mission of a large unidentified flying object hovering just outside Saturn’s rings, approximately the size of Earth, and is published in the book, “Ringmakers of Saturn.”