Pleiadian Collective - Galactic Federation, Crystals and Future - November 28, 2022

Friends Of Earth!

We Celebrate With You In The Frequency Of Light!

We Honor The Light Forces In Missions That Will Never End!

As The Cosmos Changes And The Earth Will Be Completely Transformed,

You May Rest In Assurance That Powerful Beings Of Light Surround And Protect Infinitely!

Many Of You Know Of The Large Quartz Crystals That Are Submerged Around The Planet Beneath Sand, Ice, Mountains And Oceans. These Are Hundreds Of Feet High In A Triangular Shape. The Placement Was Completed Long Before You Arrived In Many Waking Dreams. The Purpose Of The Crystals Is To Guide In Thousands Of Motherships And Fleets At The Grand Shift Of The Ages. There Are Many Motherships Stationary In These Moments, That Are Undetected By Human Technology. You Are Safe.

Breathe Deeply.

As Many Races Will Arrive At Once To Observe And Celebrate With You In SHEEN, The Crystal Transmitters Communicate Telepathically And In Frequencies Understood By The Galactic Federation And Their Equipment Which Transmutes Energy To Sound. All Crystals Have Consciousness And The Giant Transmitters Have Been Programmed With Light. They Are Monitored Carefully For Shifts In Position Or Even Minor Cracks Due To The Earth Shifting, Tsunamis Or Earthquakes. Motherships Send Fleets In Many Directions To Check Placement For Perfection.

Many Cameras That Are Sent From Fleets Record Frequencies Detected By Motion And Sound. The Crystals Are Able To Flash In Light And Communicate Many Important Aspects Of Information.

Other Uses For Cameras Are To Record And Allow A Complete Record For Those On Earth That Will Begin Again. The Earth Will Not Die But Will Lose A Large Amount Of Light As Those Of The Light Will Shift. These Cameras Are Indestructible And Will Allow Methods Of Teaching And Encouragement For Those That Will Need It Greatly.

There Will Be Recordings By Pleiadian Elders That Will Review The History Of The Great Planet Earth That Will Bring Hope To All Beings. Pleiadians Will Arrive As We Did In Ancient Dreams. We Will Assist In Building And Replenishing The Earth. Plants, Flowers And Trees Will Be Seeded And Food Will Be Grown That Will Be Pure.

Those That Begin Again Will Understand The Earth Has Been Wounded.

But Understand, Beloved Ones, The Wound Will Heal And The Earth Will Thrive Again As Light Replenishes.

We Are With You In The Great Light Of Creation!


We Love You So!