Pleiadian Collective - Intention

Friends Of The Great Light Of Being!

Where Are You In This Moment Of Now? Do You Find Yourself At Peace?

Do You Feel Dysregulated With The Chaos That Plays Around You?

Let’s Bring Everything Into The Inner World And Add The Special Ingredient To Play The Game Of Life!

With Only This Key, You Will Discover All Doors! The Simplicity Is Ironic But So True!

Intention Is The Key That Opens Everything That Comes Your Way!

With Intention, You Set Your Soul In Motion And You Do Not Need A Specific Plan!

As You Meditate, You Are Setting Your Intention For Gratitude With Service!

You Are The Only One Who Sets The Intention For Your Own Being!

This Moment Is All There Is. The Moment Of Now Will Always Be!

Set Your Intention To See This Moment As Perfect! This Is Entirely Possible!

Breathe Deeply And See The New Moment As Perfect! The New Moment Is Now!

Now Is What You Have Come Into Physical Form To Experience. For There Is No Other Way!

All There Is In Your Awareness Is That Which You Will Create Moment By Moment!

Your World, As Your Experience Has Shown It To Be, Is Based On A System Of Action And Reaction.

Cause And Effect And Always A Consequence. You Have Linear Perceptions Based On Beginnings And Endings. But As You Realize That Your Perceptions Are But A Measuring Device By Which You Can Gage The Extent To Which You Are Able To Translate Intent Into Form, You Will Know That Only Pure Intention Remains. This Is The Driving Force For All You Do. And The Exact Measure For What The Result Will Be.

Intention Is The Essence Of Creation. Intention Is The Foundation Upon Which All Else Rests.

The Power Of Intention Sets The Stage For The Full Manifestation Of Your Experience. There Are No Random Events! Things Do Not Just Happen To Anyone. Intention Is The Cohesive Element That Translates The Conceptual Into Form!

To Bring This Powerful Teaching To A Close That Will Bring You A Bit Of Comfort As You Ponder The Words, We Will Set Your Attention On The Global Elites, The Puppet Masters And Their Products, The Doers Of Evil In Dark Places, Those Parading With False Light, And Those Scoundrels That Send Balloons Across The Planet With Dark Intentions, To These We Speak About!

Realize That Each Of These Set Their Intention To Harm The Innocent And Hide Behind Wealth And Walls Of Corruption! But They Operate In The Laws Of The Universe And None Can Change This!

What Does This Mean For You, Friends Of Light?

You Need Not Worry! Have No Fear! A Boomerang Hits Hard When It Returns!

There Is No Deed That Will Not Be Brought Into The Light That Is Spreading Across The World! Never Assume That Anyone That Has Harmed You Or Your Loved Ones, Will Simply Be Free Of Their Own Intention!

All You Must Do Is Set Your Intention For The Healing Of The Planet Which Begins Within Your Own Being!

Do Not Hate Anyone! Forgive As This Is Energy That You Not Want! Be Free As You Are Also Wise And Vigilant. These Moments Are Short! But You Are Infinite!

The Light Of God (ELAKO) Shines Through You!

Be At Great Peace Each Moment!

We Love You So!