Pleiadian Collective - Energy Work

Friends Of The Light!

As You Understand That Everything Is Moving In A Frequency Of Energy, Know Also That You Have Control Of This Frequency As It Pertains To Your Body, Mind And Soul!

Knowing That You Are The Soul Of The Being That Many Believe Themselves To Be, Will Allow You To Know That You Carry The Highest Frequency Available In Life.

You Are Love In Form!

Many Call The Changing Of Frequency, ‘Energy Work’ As It Has A Certain Drawing Of Interest!

In Truth, There Is No Work To What Is Naturally Available To All Humans.

The Soul Is Perfect And Unlimited In Power. As An Identity, You Choose To Use This Power Or Let It Sleep!

Attention To Energy In Your Daily Life Is As Important As Drinking Water And Nourishing Your Body With Unprocessed Food. Even Your Intake Of Fluids And Food Have Energy And Your Body Responds To Chemicals And Toxins Just As Nutrients Have A Positive Effect And Bring Benefits.

At The Soul Level, All Beings Have The Ability To Become An Energy Practitioner As You Become Aware Of Your Speaking, Your Perceptions And Your Care Of The Body-Mind Connection.

What You Believe, You Will Become!

See Yourself As Healthy And Speak Words Of Energy And Vitality In An Ongoing Positive Manner.

Realize That You Were Intricately Designed With A Body That Can Heal Itself As You Align With Your Soul And Believe With Your Heart And Mind That All Things Are Possible! You Are Never In A Situation Or Moment Where Divine Love Is Not Covering You! Become Aware Of This Great Love And Be Grateful For Your Abilities As You Live As Your Soul! Some Issues Are Within Soul Plans And Act As A Catalyst For Expansion. You Will Feel This Within If A Malady Is Serving You In This Manner.

There Are No Souls More Special Or Gifted Than Another. What You Are Experiencing Is The Awareness Of The Soul With Those That Seem To Be Behind You Or Leading You! The Path Of The Soul Is A Personal Journey! Each Of You Will Arrive Together With Many Different Roads And Obstacles Along The Way!

There Is No Competition In Spirit! Let Things Go And Flow Away From You In Energy That Will Never Affect You Unless You Hold Onto It!

Light Energy Amplifies Just As Dark Energy Spreads. You Have The Choice Of Bringing Your Own Energy Close And Detaching From Chaos.

Words Of Healing Such As, ‘KEE AH SHA’, When Spoken With Belief, Bring Magnificent Results. ‘Be Healed Now’ Is The Sacred Meaning. Words Spoken Without Belief Are Meaningless.

We Remind You To Consciously Clear Your Energy Field Around Your Body And 20 Feet Away. You Can Absolutely Be Assured That Your Command For Dark Energy To Leave Is Done Instantly. Visualize White Light Around You And Know It Is There. Seers Would Shock You If You Had Conversations And Could Know What Is Around You Unseen! But With This Seeing By Those That See Other Realms, Know They Would Share That Angels, Fairies, Light Beings, Guides And Many Friends Also Remain Close. Many Aspects Of Darkness Are Cleared For You But Each Being Has A Responsibility To Take Charge Of What You Gather In Knowledge On Your Journey!

Fear Nothing! You Carry The Light Of Creation!

We Rise In Light!
We Love As One!

We Love You So!