Friends Of Light!

In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Convey The Truth Of Many Misunderstood Aspects Of Relationships And Being With One Another!

To Every Soul That Will Process This Information, You Might Realize That You Are Your Own World! What Is Meant By This Is That Each Soul Dreaming Awake With A False Identity Is Concerned With Their Own Feelings, Reactions, Body, Food Consumption, Housing And Money!

Know In Truth That All Others Have The Same Concerns And Therefore, They Have The Same Concerns As You! Being Holographic In Nature, You Share Feelings, Judgements, Prejudice, Religious Beliefs Or You Find Those That Are Close In Sharing What You Choose! Why? Because Your Ego Tells You That You Are Not Alone With Others That Agree With You!

We Will Discuss Twin Souls And Twin Flames And What They Mean To You! Before Going Into Depth With This, We Will Briefly Touch On ‘Soul Mates’.

Soul Mates Are Created By The False Self Or Ego! A Soul Mate Is Created From The Longing Of The True Self. The Identity Is Never Satisfied Until There Is A Connection With Another. The Projection To Another Will Create Thoughts And Feelings That One Wishes To See. The Other Person Is None Of That. They Are Projecting Also! In A Romantic Feeling That Fades As Energy, The Two Projections Dissolve Over Time. Many Will Fight And Find The Other Disgusting. And Others Will Remain Quietly Together In Disbelief That They Actually Thought This Person Was Perfect. Another Illusion! All Soul Mates Are Created On Earth And Are Not A Soul Plan. For Those Than Find Love And Peace In These Relationships, It Is Because They Have At Last Found The Love Within Themselves.

A Twin Soul Is Created In Origin As The Original Soul Wishes To Incarnate And Split Into Two Soul Aspects. The Soul Is Absolutely Able To Do This As The Power And Light Of God (ELAKO) Is The Life Force! The Decision Is Made And Locations And Stories Are Chosen. They May Choose To Be Male And Female Or The Same Gender. They Might Choose Opposite Sides Of The Planet And Never Meet At All. They Will Always Have A Longing And Awareness Of Something Missing. Often These Identities Become Very Creative And They Are Teachers. Many Are Empaths And They Tend To Enjoy Being Alone.

As A Waking Dream Is Completed, The Aspects Of Soul Have Designed Their Departure Together. The Integration Will Be Completed As One Soul. This Is Always The Original Soul That Is Infinite. The Understanding Of All Memories Are Carried In The Akashic Of This Soul. They Will Have Wisdom Gleaned From Their Twin Aspect Of Being. Only Love And The Power Of Light Will Remain!

Twin Flames Are Created By The Individual Soul As They Plan A Waking Dream With A Friend, Family Member Or Mate. They Agree To Play Roles Of Love, Discord And Deep Lessons That Will Expand Consciousness. They Understand That Earth Is A School For Learning And Nothing Is Wasted. They Have A Divine Appointment To Meet On Earth, Though Their Souls Will Allow Them To Forget!

Twin Flames Are Drawn Quickly By Their Vibrational Frequencies Into Friendships And Relationships. There Is Love With Banter And Disagreements. There Are Many Opinions And Judgments That Are Reconciled As They Share Life. They Constantly Mirror One Another Until Resolutions Are Found. They Often Feel Dysregulated When The Other Has Left For A Time. The Process Repeats With These Identities With Flare Ups And Deep Love. They Learn And Grow Together Through The Dream Of Life!

Beloved Ones! You Have Found Yourself Many Times In The Presence Of Another Who Arrived With You For These Moments Of Now! Be Patient And Still Before Reacting And Destroying What Your Soul Planned For You!

In Truth, All Of You Are Souls That Are Longing For Home And A Better Life!

Love One Another As You Love Yourself!
Together We Are One!
We Love You So!