Pleiadian Collective - About Source - December 8, 2022

Friends Of Light!

As You Seek For Your Creator In Books, Buildings, Doctrine And History,

You Might Want To Stop. Breathe Deeply. Go Within!

You Are The Essence Of Love!  The Infinite Creator Of All That Is, Dwells In Each Form Of Life!

Division And War Begins In The Moment You Perceive Others As Not Part Of God!

The Inclination To Place The Concept Of God As A Being To Take Sides, Is As Much Of An Illusion As Your Last Thought! Just Passing Energy Mindlessly, A Thought Can Never Be Found.

Teachings Of A Throne In The Sky And A Temperamental Jealous And Angry God, Drew Many Into Churches. But With Fear Of Hell Or Torment. Not Of Compassion And Love.

Jesus Was A God-Realized Master Of Divinity Who Taught The Way Of Love! He Understood Spirit And Soul. He Fully Understood Reincarnation And The Infinite Life Of Each Being. He Understood Duality And Free Will As He Allowed Himself To Be Tortured. He Knew He Would Return To Origin As A Pleiadian Soul. His Compassion Was For The Ones That Harmed Him. He Never Arrived To Start A Religion. He Was Here As An Avatar Of Pure Love.

God Is To Be Experienced And Known Within As Your Higher Self. You Are Powerful As You Transcend The Ego-Identity And Align With The Light That Brought You To This Brief Life On Earth!

As Part Of God, You Were Never Born And You Will Never Die! As You Live Each Waking Dream, You Have Powers And Abilities To Be Discovered. Many Hold Gifts Wrapped In Boxes With Beautiful Bows. Just Waiting To Be Opened. They Never Understand That Everything Has An Answer And Solution. You Are Never Left Alone With Nothing!

Instead Of Creating A God On A Pedestal That You Believe Answers Some And Not Others, Why Not Realize The Source Of Your Own Essence Is That Which You Seek! Answers Come With Believing And Resonating At High Frequencies As Your Intention Is The Best Outcome For All. Not Just You!

Look For The Beauty In Everything. Suffering Can Bring Enlightenment. Handicaps Can Lead To A Journey Deep Within And More Beautiful That Some Can Imagine. Loss Can Show You Infinite Love And Your Greatest Strength.

When You Perceive That God Is Outside Of Creation, You Have Limited The Very Outcome You Seek.

Find The Power, Companionship, Joy And Creativity That Lives As Your Infinite Soul!

You Are The Essence Of God! There Is Nothing Unlovable About You!

Let Truth Be Known On The Great Planet Earth!


In Light We Rise As One!

We Love You So!