Pleiadian Motherships can have any shape or color. The designs can be changed in any way to accommodate any purpose. They can grow or shrink in size as needed. Pleiadian Motherships are commonly large saucers or long tubes.

As the first Elohim star race in our Galaxy, Pleiadians are the most technologically advanced as well. They lead the Galactic Federation and manage the Soul Incarnation process on Earth. They have some of the magical ability of Archangels and Fae and also use more conventional technology. They can manifest lights ships or use mechanical crafts for travel and specialized operations. Any Pleiadian technology can be cloaked, so if humans can see it, Pleiadians are allowing it. Many crafts have a mechanical look to them that may give the impression they’re a lower form of technology when in fact they’re millions of years more advanced than anything humans currently have.

Mass Sightings

Houston TX – 2014

Neioh – This is indeed one of our finest Motherships! The Fleet of 40 are exploring and the Mothership will Ascend straight up about 80 miles. The Fleet will complete Assignments and report back to the Mothership when the Signal is given.