Neioh – This is a Pleiadian Light Tracer, which is not a Craft but is Technology which releases the Active Programmed Part that is always In Motherships, and it is directed completely from the Mothership. The Purpose is Heat Detection over water or mountains, and will enter the precise area to detect Crystal Placement and issue Reports. In this case, The Mothership is beneath the water. There is a small Fleet above in the air which are also collecting Data of changing Frequencies in the Atmosphere.

Dana Point, California – November 12, 2022

Witness – “Long lighted snake like object slithering movement definitely not of this world”

Scottsdale, Arizona – March 24, 2024

Witness – “It was higher than the planes flying by, we can an airport nearby so planes are very common. It hovered up and down for 30 mins then dropped down, I lost sight.”

Neioh –This is a very rare camera used by Pleiadians. The many Crafts are close by and cloaked and there are hundreds of these around. Some are miles long. They retract into a small state. They can be so compact that they pack and enter the portal they came out of. It also detects energy and all information is exact and being tracked by manned Craft. It would be like the camera is a cell phone and the Craft is the computer. Both are able to do the same but the long snake camera also enters buildings, through pipes and walls, listens to conversations, goes underground and hovers over buildings and picks up important meetings that might cause harm to humans. It does many things that another type of camera does now. The shape is intended to go any place. Even around mountains and very unusual places. In volcanoes, through water falls. A very nice toy.

Clayville, New York – June 8, 2019
Trenton, New Jersey – October 4, 2020

“On two of my missions, and I still don’t have an answer, um, I have seen, a snake out there, six seven eight feet long. It is rubbery because it has internal waves in it and it follows you for a rather long period of time.”

― NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave, STS-61