Pleiadian Collective - Manifestation And Change

Friends Of The Great Light Of Being!

As You Have Clearly Learned, Nothing Just Happens To Anyone!

Intention Is The Cohesive Element That Translates The Conceptual Into Form!

In These Moments Of Unprecedented Acceleration Of The Vibration That Manifests As Your Reality, The Time Lag Between Intent And Manifestation Is Growing Shorter!

As Your Realm Of Experience Ascends Into Higher Ranges Of Vibration, Manifestation Will Be Instantaneous!

Many Of You That Are Resonating At The Higher Ends Of The Energy Spectrum, Are Discovering By Surprise That You Have Manifested Many Events And Occurrences Into Your Life!

With Thought And Intention, Many Of You Have Brought People And Relationships Into Your Life As Those With A Close Vibration Are Drawn To You By Your Own Intention!

What Is Called For In These Times Of Great Change Is A Corresponding Shift In Conscious Awareness.

You Are Bridging The Gap In Consciousness Between The World You Know And That Which Is Increasingly Coming To Be! The Same Behavior That Brings The Outcome That You Wish To Leave, Is Quickly Becoming Obsolete As You Enter Higher States Of Awareness!

Each Of You Is Undergoing A Transformation Of Life And Your Responses To Each New Situation!

What Once Destroyed Your Day, Is Now Something That Simply Would Not Matter If It Happened Now!

You Are Coming To Understand Your True State Of Being!

And With This Truth, There Is Only Love And Power!

Rise In Light!

We Are With You!
We Love You So!