Pleiadian Collective - Spiritual Warfare

Beloved Friends Of Light!

As Many Of You Understand, The Experiences Of Darkness That Everyone Is Facing, Cannot Be Denied!

But Understand In Truth! This Is Spiritual Warfare!

You Are Accustomed To Becoming Bewildered At The Endless News Which Seems Like Insanity!

You Search For Reasons Why So Many Lie When Truth Brings Such Peace!

We Have Communicated Since The Beginning Of Our Sharing, That Truth Has Been Repeated In Many Doctrines And Religions. But As Darkness Spread And People Were Drawn To The Drama That Fear Creates, Humans Became Followers Of False Light That Produced Even More Fear If You Did Not Embrace The Doctrine Presented.

Some Truth In Scripture Has Always Been Real And Will Assist With Understanding Where You Are Now. Ephesians 6:12: “For We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh And Blood, But Against The Rulers, Against The Authorities Of Wickedness In High Places, Against The Spiritual Forces Of Evil,”

You Are Living In The Last Days Of Darkness. You Are Told Darkness Is Light, And Light Is Darkness. You Have Witnessed Clones, Puppets And Masters Of Darkness Parading On Media With An Agenda To Destroy As Many As Possible.

The Fear Of President Trump Is Undeniable To Those Involved In Governments And Those That Plan Your Demise. The Plans To Reset Your Government To A Dictatorship With Control Of Banking, Communication, Food Supplies, Ownership And Employment, Is Happening Now!

Drug Cartels, Rapes, Murders And Open Borders Where Criminals Can Destroy Homes And Break Into Many Homes Where Families Have Then Been Attacked Are Happening Daily! The Talking Head Of The Babbling Biden Product Is A Government Corporation Of Controlling Entities Who Tell You That You Will Own Nothing And You Will Be Happy! These Are The Same Ones That Collect Wealth At Your Expense And Fund A Never Ending Proxy War Planned To Weaken You Into Submission. Your Banks Are Compromised Which Will Affect All Life From This Point.

Do Not Live In Fear! Find Wisdom And Hold On!

We Share Messages Of Hope And Love, But Please Know That Many Are Being Put To Sleep In A Manner That You Have Never Experienced. The Brainwashing That Is Daily Has Been So Repetitive That Nothing Is Shocking. Many Finally Just Give In And Give Up! This Is What They Want!

You Are Of The Light Of God! You Are The Beloved Ones!

Remember Who You Are! Understand That Light Prevails And We Are Together As One!

Those That Are In Many Doctrines, You May Understand That You Are Living In The Great Tribulation. To Others Who Found Doctrine Did Not Answer Your Questions, But Gave You More, To Those We Speak With Great Love And Infinite Light! You Are Living In The Sacred Days Where The Earth Will Move And Groan As The Grand Shift Takes Souls Into 5-D Sheen And Further As Their Choices Of Origin Await!

We Are Many! We Are Truth And Light!
Soon We Rise To Beauty And Peace!
We Love You So!