Pleiadian Collective - Kubee From Kue

Friends Of The Great Planet Earth!

Enjoy Your Moments In Infinite Consciousness As You Move And Live In This Magnificent Waking Dream!

In These Moments We Have Chosen To Reveal A Race Called Kubee From A Star Called Kue!

This Large Planetary Realm Is Existing In Sacred Awareness That Was Expressed By Source Before Elohim In Human Perception Of Linear Time. These Beautiful Beings Of Light Have Chosen The Frequency Of Love As Their Life That Has Thrived For Millions Of Years! Indeed, They Know No Time As You Perceive On Earth!

Standing Twenty Feet Tall In Form, They Have The Ability To Travel In Body Form Through The Ethers And Densities To Observe Other Stars Without Being Seen. After Meeting Members Of The Galactic Federation, They Developed A Great Interest In Earth And Your Ongoing Endeavors To Move Toward A Galactic Civilization With Multiple Waking Dreams Of Duality And Returns To Origin.

With Many Invitations To Join The Light Forces,They Were Accepted As Friends Without Becoming Members. Living In Oneness Was Always The Choice Of The Kubee. Missions Would Bring Duality Back Into The Forefront Of Their Being. Living In Bliss And Light Has Brought Great Power Within To These Souls Of Infinite Love! They Use No Crafts For Traveling As They Move Seamlessly With Intention To Any Destination In Their Form Of High Frequency.

Their Bodies Are Both Solid And Ethereal To Your Way Of Understanding. They Are Capable Of Shifting Back And Forth To Each With Intention. Living With Others Is More Adaptable To Remain In Solid Form As Moment To Moment Life. Interacting With Other Stars And Densities As They Travel Allows Them To Become Quite Ethereal As They Vibrate In Frequencies By Choice. They Wear No Clothing And Their Body Form Is Light Orange With A Glow Of White Light. They Enjoy Having Energetic Procreation Of Infants.

Children Age By Choice And Intention And With Each Life Lasting Almost Two Thousand Years, The Joy Felt By The Playfulness Of Children Is Extended. All Kubee Enjoy This Process. With The Death Of The Body Form With Bliss And Never Illness, The Soul Returns To The Quantum Field Of Awareness And Returns Only To Kue To Live Again In Form.

Their Eyes And Facial Features Are In The Locations Of Human Faces, Their Eyes Glow And Project Light. Their Nose And Mouth Areas Are Circles Of Light. They Circulate Light With Beams Shooting Throughout The Body. When They Speak, Color And Tones Pour From The Two Circles Of Light On Their Face. Elohim Races Are Able To Decode And Understand Them As Many Elohim Souls Began With Tones And Color.

They Live In Homes Of Nature And Beauty. Their Homes Are Created By Thought And Intention. Having The Awareness Of Their Life As Aspects Of The ONE, Allows Them Power To Manifest Instantaneously. Homes Are Colorful Explosions Of Light That Change Continually. Walking And Floating Throughout Their Homes, They Communicate And Create Further Expressions As They Live Moment By Moment. Music Is Created By Choices Of The Infinite Mind. Holding Arms Outward , They Are Able To Manifest Instruments With The Sounds Of Flowing Frequencies. They Are Graceful And Deliberate With Movement That Can Express To Them As Dancing! Pictures Are Painted By The Thought Of Beauty In Their Minds.

They Enjoy Having The Taste Of Food Without Taste Buds Or Choices That You Make With Your Senses. They Consume Wonderful Meals From Thoughts That Have Developed And Used By Memory As They Perfect And Change Flavors For Enjoyment!

They Imagine Animals, Flowers And Trees And These Are Brought To Their Awareness Of Existence In Such Majesty And Love! All Animals Enjoyed Throughout The Cosmos Have Been Seen And Noted To Be Wonderful And Enjoyed. Therefore All Animals Are With The Kubee.

The Origin Of Light Beings Are Kue. The Magnificent Light Beings That Traverse The Cosmos In All Densities Were Created On Kue By The Kubee. As Parts Of Themselves, They Expressed Only Love Into Beings That Would Travel Infinitely Without Returning. Their Journey To Raise The Frequency Of All Dimensions (Locations) And Densities (Vibrational Frequencies) Has Brought Joy And Peace To The Areas That Receive Their Gift.

As Earth Shifts To Sheen, You Will See Many Kubee Before You In Light! They Will Greet You In Tones And Color! As They Return To Kue, You Will Feel Only Love As You Realize The Enormity Of Creation!

In Light We Live As One!
We Love You So!