Pleiadian Collective - Kee Ah Sha

Friends Of Light!

As You Move And Live In The Final Waking Dream, Many Long For Healing Of The Mind And Body. We Offer A Solution With Words To Speak That Were Created By Elohim Pleiadians To Serve Earth And Other Planets Of Duality.

In Ceremonies Of Great Love, The Frequency Of Healing Was Spoken By Elder IKAI And Given To All Elders Of Elohim Races To Speak Over Stars And Planets That Would Be Visited With Great Compassion.

These Sacred Words Are, ‘Kee Ah Sha’. The Teaching Is Shared Continually As Each Soul Touches The Forehead Between The Eyes And Speaks The Sound In Frequency Three Times With Intention. Belief That Healing Will Be Now Gives Meaning To ‘Kee Ah Sha’ Which Translates In Pleiadian Language To ‘Be Healed Now’.

For Those That Serve The Light In Capacities That Involve Speaking Engagements  For Peace And Unity, These Sacred Words Are Useful In Connecting In A Loving Manner To Those Living In Discord. For Those In Dedicated Bi-Local Service, These Words Are Spoken Over Animals And Humans In Dire Need Of Assistance.

Many Souls That Live In Duality Will Feel A Frequency Of Healing As The Forehead Is Touched And The Words Are Repeated. Some Will Notice Symptoms Clearing Immediately While Others Will Repeat The Process Over Time.

‘Kee Ah Sha’ Will Be A Useful Method Of Healing Holistically As Those In Sheen Will Visit Other Races To Assist In Teaching. The Goal Has Always Been To Connect Races With Light As Duality Is Left Behind.

Continue To Change Your Thoughts To Positive Frequencies. This Allows A New Perspective. Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind To Truth Will Allow Healing To Manifest As Words Spoken Daily Will Always Be A Great Method To Heal. Believe In Your Heart And It Will Be.

The New Earth Of Sheen Will Be The Transitioning Point Of Light That Leads To A Galactic Civilization Of Love And Power!

Be Part Of The Healing Of The Planet Now!

Kee Ah Sha!

We Love You So!