Pillars of Fire

Centuries ago, this phenomena would just be attributed to “God”. It could apply to any number of applications of Galactic Federation technology, and is always intended to be seen by Galactic Federation.

Neioh – Most Military Have Been Briefed At This Point As To The Ongoing Presence Of Crafts And Meetings With White Hats. It Has Become Undeniable To Most Thinking People That We Have Always Had The Presence Of Many Galactic Races Here On The Planet And Above. As We Move Forward The Talk Of Crafts Will Be Mainstream As People Realize There Has Never Been An Attack And There Is Nothing To Fear!

All Crafts Seen Are With Intention And This Is A Part Of Disclosure. In Other Lifetimes, Many Races, Including Pleiadians Came And Left Daily While Onlookers Waved And Were Excited To Have Such Guests! We Will Join As A Multidimensional Galactic Family Again And Space Travel Has Already Begun.  These Are Exciting Moments And Those In Fear Should Only Choose Love.

Duhok, Iraq – January 3, 2020

Jeju Island, South Korea, October 26, 2022

Neioh – These are magnificent Frequencies sent by Galactic Forces that are changing the Frequency of areas they touch. Peace can be felt here. This is being done frequently to assist Earth in one of the greatest times of challenges ever known. They look like pillars of fire.

Houston, Texas – January 3, 2020

East Java Indonesia – October 10, 2020