Genesis and the Sirian Hybrid Lineage

Noah, like his grandfather Enoch, was a human man but of a genetic lineage worshiped by others like gods. All humans are a mix of genetics from several Elohim races, including Sirian, and this particular lineage going back to Adam and Eve were genetically more Sirian than others. They had more elongated skulls and they lived much longer lives. This was a result of interference by the Sirian, Oppisheklio, and was allowed by Pleiadians and Galactic Federation for the purpose of the duality experience. Pleiadians and other benevolent Elohim races have incarnated into this lineage, as well as beings with intentions to control others. Each human has free will in the 3D human experience.

Humans existed on Earth for hundreds of thousands of years before the events of Genesis in the Bible. Scriptures describing humans made in “God’s image” are referring to our Elohim Creators; benevolent bipedal beings of male and female gender, that share similar physical forms.

The Flood and the Ark

via Neioh – About 12,000 years ago, Pleiadians saw a great destruction coming and approached Noah with their plan to assist Earth. The Ark was a Pleiadian craft created for this purpose. Pleiadians used the craft and Noah was included in bringing in animals from the Pleiades which had not yet existed on Earth. This journey from lower to higher dimensions (and vice versa) of humans or animals is made possible through Pleiadian technology.

Humans were taught how to care for the animals and they were distributed into many areas of the planet where they live even now. Many species have been lost to humans killing them or not surviving the conditions. Pleiadians and Arcturians have saved many animals too.

The story survived through many generations and the details changed to conform to current systems of belief. The involvement of Archangel Uriel in the biblical story of Noah is consistent with Uriel’s frequent collaboration with Pleiadians and Galactic Federation.