Greetings Beloved Ones!

This Communication Is Sent With Great Love But We Fully Understand It Might Be Very Strange In Your Perception!

Knowing That Billions Of Waking Dreams Have Played Out With Changes, Wars And Actors, Know Also That Answers Were Offered With No Real Knowledge And So-Called Science Changed The Narrative Even In This Waking Dream.

Dinosaurs Existed Of Course. But In This Dream, Some Religions Found This Contradictory To Their Teachings, Even When Giant Skeletons Or Bones Were Discovered. In Fear, Mankind Has Always Created Their Own Answers.

Buckle Up, For You Are About To Hear Words You Have Never Imagined!

There Were Many Sizes And Types Of Dinosaurs Which Were Given Names And You Were Told Whether They Ate Meat Or Plants. You Understood They Fought One Another Over Millions Of Years Until They Became Extinct. The Relics Tell A Story, But Not The Whole Story. Most Of You Would Just Be Content That They Left Earth Almost 70 Million Years Ago.

Let Us Begin.

There Is A Large Planet Beyond Your Galaxy That You Would Pronounce As KRON. These Beings Are A Peaceful Race That Stand About 4 Feet Tall. Their Skin Is Bright Silver. They Are Advanced With Technology As Far As Traveling. They Have Never Chosen To Connect With Others And Live Privately. We Have Met With Them And Invited Them To Incarnate To Earth But Their Choice Has Remained. They Visited Earth Many Times In Very Ancient Dreams And Brought Their Animals Which Were Also Their Pets. Known To Them As RIOS, They Are Called Dinosaurs On Earth.

Their Beloved Pets Were Very Small. Between The Size Of A Dog And Horse On Earth. They Were Multiple Colors And Their Temperament Was Very Gentle. On One Such Adventure, The KRONS Walked Peacefully Through Empty Land On Earth With Their Animals. A Group Of Arcturians Landed In The Area Where They Walked. Being Fearful As They Observed The Giant Blue Beings That Came In Peace And Love, They Scrambled To Return To Their Crafts And Leave.

They Left Their Pets Behind. Arcturians Gave Them Water And Food. They Were Frightened. FAE Came Forth From The Mountains And Claimed Them To Care For And Give Them Peace. The Arcturians Left Knowing The Animals Were Safe. FAE Took Them Safely Underground Where They Thrived And Were Nourished.

Over Time, They Were Allowed To Venture Out And Learn To Survive. The Fairies Gave Them Power And Magically Made Them Larger In Body Form To Enjoy Eating Trees And Large Plants. They Could Dig The Earth And Find Water. As They Became Powerful, They Also Became Competitive. They Began To Fight One Another Over Food And Land. The Attacks Led Some To Devourer Others.

Millions Of Years Of Change Caused Death With Many And Growth With Others. Their Essence Remained In A Frequency Unseen On Earth But There Was No Death. Many Lived On With Created Bodies In 4-D Astral. They Were Eventually Discovered In Astral By A Group Of KRONS That Knew Of Their Experience And Size. They Had Always Regretted Leaving Them Behind. The KRONS Were Met By Fairies In Astral Who Understood The Dilemma Of What They Faced. Fairies Had The Power To Reverse The Magic And Create Small Bodies Again. The KRONS Gathered Their Animals And Returned Them To Their Rightful Home. The Bones And Skeletons Found Tell A Story Of Dinosaurs That Roamed The Earth.

Now I Have Shared With You A Story Of Love Which Is True! The RIOS Live On In A Small Form With Great Love!

Allow This Brief Information To Expand Your Consciousness As You Understand The Enormous And Unlimited Amount Of Information That Is Known By Your Own Soul!

In Light We Live Infinitely!

I Love You So!