Neioh - Sheen

Sacred Souls Of The Great Planet Earth!

As You Journey Infinitely In Light, Your Next Change In Density And Dimension Will Be Your Greatest Endeavor!

For All Waking Dreams Have Brought You To The Doorway Of The Vastness Of Being!

All That You Chose To Forget In The Growth And Expansion For Millennia, Will Fill Your Awareness With Amazement And Recognition Of Just How Far You Have Traveled!

Through Darkness, Heartache, Love And Great Achievement, You Have Remained As A Created Soul That Has Journeyed Far And Yet Has Never Left The Field Of Awareness Where Your Source Holds You In Divine Light!

In These Moments Of Communication, We Will Discuss And Review Sheen As The Beauty Of Being That Awaits You!

We Have Taught In Depth Concerning Earth Native Souls, But In Truth, There Is One Teaching Aspect That Will Cover All Souls. Find Peace Now As You Shift Into The Awareness Of Your Soul That Is Living A Created Identity In The Final Waking Dream!  Well Done, Beloved Ones! Indeed! (Basco!)

The Moment Of Now Will Bring Magnificent Love To The Forefront Of Your Existence! The Struggles You Experience In Your Waking Dream Will Vanish And Be Replaced By Wisdom And Great Assurance That You Are Power And Light!

In Sheen, You Will Live In A Body Of Perfect Health And Vitality. The Earth School Has Conditioned You In Identity To Expect Aging, Sickness, Grief And Death Of The Body. Your Physiology Will Be Changed To That Of Your Origin In The Higher Realms. You Will Circulate Light With A Crystal Heart! Therefore There Will Be No Disease Or Death!

Temperatures Will Be Mild With No Severe Weather! Clothing Will Be Casual Attire With Shorts, Tunics Or Dressing For Celebrations Or Meetings With Long Pants, Capes, Robes And Gowns. This Is An Individual Choice!

You Will Enjoy Exercise And Staying Fit With Many Enjoyable Activities. As You Swim In Warm Oceans Of Magnificent Colors And Shimmering Light, You Will Also Fly In Body Form To The Top Of Mountains As Well As Flying For Leisure And Fun! You Will Enjoy Sports With Great Joy And Not The Ego Based Aspect That Is Known On Earth. Competition For Fun Is Much Better Than Winning That Involves Anger Or Money! A Game Of Meyan Will Be Enjoyed By Many As Flying And Tossing A Ball Into A Ring Of Light While Flying Is Great Fun! Racing Vehicular Crafts Will Be A Wonderful Aspect Of Gathering That Many Will Enjoy! You Will Learn New Games And Create Others As You Move Forward! There Are Games Involving Magic As Well As Critical Thinking That Many Will Find Stimulating!

Expressions Of Soul Will Burst Forth In Art, Music, Dance And Abilities To Sing! Many Souls Arrived On Earth With Chosen Gifts To Express In Their Waking Dream. To Others That Have Longed For These Creative Expressions, Know In Truth, You Have Carried All Abilities Within! In Sheen, You Will At Last Feel The Unlimited Creative Expression Of Your Soul!

Animals Will Live In Peace And Tranquility As They Move About Among All Beings! Circulating Light With Crystal Hearts Will Allow Perfect Health And A Sense Of Well Being! Animals Will No Longer Be Hunted Or Eaten For Sustenance. They Will Be Gentle And Playful As Large Lions Will Cuddle With Children.

You Will Enjoy Telepathy Belts That We Have Taught About In Great Detail! There Will Be Programming Of Vehicles Telepathically To Allow Leisure With Intention And Relaxation! Life Will Be Creative Always But With A Sense Of Natural Progression Without Stress Or Difficulty As You Will Perceive As Your Powerful Soul!

Many Will Enjoy Group Meditations As You Join As The Collective Of Light! No Longer Will You Struggle To Understand Meditation, For Your Soul Is The Captain Of Your New Journey! Old Things Have Been Left Behind In A Density Of Unawareness. Now You Remember. At Last, You Know Exactly Who You Are!

Crystals Will Be Used By Programming To Enhance Energy And Creative Abilities. All Crystals Will Be Part Of Everyday Life! Crystals Have Consciousness And Spirit! They Are Attuned To Your Desires And Creative Endeavors. From Enhancing Telepathy, To Being Transmitters And Receivers Of Light, You Will Think Of Them As Living Friends. They Have Always Assisted In Raising The Vibrational Frequency Of Earth!

Perfect Health Will Be Present Always! Many Will Enhance Their Light Physiology With Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs And Fresh Water. Many Will Focus On The Body And The Operations Of Light Within. These Would Be Known As Holistic Practitioners To You Now. They Will Enjoy All Aspects Of Massage, Meditation, Exercise And The Knowledge Of The Sacred Form That Grows Stronger And More Agile With Movement And Intention.

There Will Be No Banking Or Systems Of Control As You Know On Earth Now. In The Higher Realms, The Soul Knows And Understands The Gift Of Giving And Serving. This Sacred Power Is Understood And Will Be Fully Present As Each Soul Expresses And Creates Aspects That Are Given To Others. There Will Be No Lack As All Souls Provide What Is Necessary To Live. The Joy Is Known With Giving.

Fairies Will Be With All Families As They Are Sacred Beings Created In Elohim. Magic Will Be Enjoyed In Forms That Would Include Changing The Colors Of Your Homes And Landscapes. Flowers Will Be Very Large And The Depth Of Color Will Be Astounding To You! You Will Change The Color Of Your Crafts As Well As The Sizes And Interior By The Expression Of Magic And Intention! Music Will Be Enjoyed In Any Genre By Magic And Intention With Programming Crafts Or Areas Of Your Homes!

The Home For Each Family Or Individual Will Be Precise And Exactly As Ordered By Intention! As You Understand That God-Source Is The Essence Of Your Being, You Will Go Further In Your Earthbound Understanding To Realize You Are Unlimited In Creative Power! Do You Desire A Crystal Home? Would You Prefer Many Levels With Marble Floors? Would You Enjoy A Large Home By The Ocean To Watch Colorful Waves Gently Touch The Shore? Open Your Mind And Heart And Remember Who You Are!

You Will Enjoy Colorful Dragons, Unicorns And Horses With Wings! All Of The Beauty That Has Remained Just Out Of Reach In Your Expanded Consciousness Will Be Revealed To You In Majesty!

You Will Remember And Understand The Purpose Of Each Waking Dream! You Will See The Layers Of Stories And Lessons Repeating As You Gleaned Many New Aspects Of Light With Each Perceived Story Of Duality. What You Did Not See Was The Covering Of Light That Held You Closely With Powerful Love!

You Are Coming Home To The True Self!

The Abilities Of 5-D Sheen Are Great And Full Of Wonder And Amazement!

But Beloved Ones! There Is So Much More! The Higher Realms Of The Elohim Races Have Greater Abilities With More Powerful Crafts, Further Travel And Greater Choices In Expansion In The Origin Of Soul In 7-D And Beyond. Always Remember The Numbers Are Not Real. It Is Simply The Understanding Of Density. (Vibrational Frequency).

Your Life Is Infinite! Each Moment Is New! Find Peace As You Cultivate Your Inner World, For Nothing Else Will Remain As You Know It To Be In Identity!

Soon We Rise In Light!

I Love You So!