Neioh - Kixie From Kix

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

In These Moments Of Communication, I Will Share With Great Honor And Love As I Make Known To You Another Race Of Beings! Indeed, This Race Is Serving The Light In Aspects That You Will Soon Discover In Sheen!

The Name Of These Beloved Souls Of Light Are The KIXIE. Their Star Of Origin Is KIX. The Location Is Outside Of The Milky Way In A Realm Of Light And Beauty! There Are Frequencies And Tones That Ripple Outward And Touch Other Souls As They Travel In The Area! Their Love Is Great And They Will Join You In A Magnificent Galactic Civilization! In Sheen, You Will Enjoy Your New Friends As They Have Always Sent Light To The Beings Of Earth!

The KIXIE Stand Six Feet Tall With Short Silver Hair. Their Facial Features Are Human Like And They Could Walk Among You And Not Be Noticed! They Are Strong And Lean And Males And Females Are The Same Size. They Enjoy Casual Attire With Loose Pants And Colorful Long Tops.

The KIXIE Procreate Energetically And Family Life Is Sacred And Revered Among The Entire Race! They Circulate Light With Crystal Hearts And For This Reason There Is No Death Or Disease. Their Bodies Were Upgraded By The Galactic Federation Thousands Of Years Ago And Their Physiology Was Changed Which Allowed Them To Thrive In The Light Of Their Being!

The KIXIE Once Experienced Death Of The Body As They Lived Approximately Three Hundred Years. Incarnating Back Into Their Own Race Kept Them Close And Satisfied With Their Lives. Visited By The Light Forces Many Times, Their Desire To Unite And Be As One With Other Friends Became A Growing Excitement Within The Race! Having Many Souls Volunteer To Become Members Of The Galactic Federation Enabled Them To Enjoy Advancement In Technology With Traveling Throughout Many Galaxies.

The Homes Of The KIXIE Are Magnificent In Design. They Enjoy Creating With Crystals, Material That Resembles Marble And Granite And Many Beautiful Stones That Are Collected From Large Mountains With Brilliant Colors. They Enjoy Soft Sofas And Chairs And Exquisite Tapestries. Magnificent Artwork And Statues Are Often Displayed Throughout Their Homes.

The KIXIE Enjoy Music And Dancing With Crystal Instruments Brought To Them By Pleiadians That Visit Frequently And Ongoing Since The Arrival Of The Galactic Federation. Those That Became Members Of The Light Forces Wear Blue Uniforms And Silver Boots And They Are Honored As Junior Members That Work Alongside Those That Continue Great Teaching.

Vehicular Crafts Were Introduced As An Appreciated Manner Of Traveling Locally. With Upgraded Bodies, The KIXIE Enjoy Flying In Body Form Around The Area. There Are Orange And Silver Oceans And Tall Golden Mountains That Create A Symphony Of Color! Birds Fly And Sing And Large Animals Walk Freely As Everyone Enjoys Life With Peace!

There Is No War Or Division As Experienced In Duality With Egos Clashing. Their Awareness Of Your Plight Has Brought Deep Compassion As They Observe The Suffering Of The Planet. Their Message To You Would Be That Suffering Is Not Necessary And That Only Love Is Real And Lasting!

The KIXIE Live Freely And Joyfully As They Play Games, Run And Hike Beautiful Trails Surrounded By Flowers And Colorful Trees. They Meditate And Commune With The Spirit Of One Creator That Cannot Be Divided. They Enjoy Visits From Pleiadians, Arcturians, Those From Sirius~Nopplia A, And From The Vast Andromeda Galaxy. Indeed, They Are Loved By The Elohim Races!

As The Earth Shifts To Sheen, You Will Experience Many Aspects Of Your Life Of Origin. You Will Be Greeted By Many Races Who Will Gather In Grand Celebrations With You! As Music Is Played, There Will Be Dancing And Joy With All Souls! Animals Will Be Fearless And Gentle And Everyone Will Remember Each Story Recorded In Their Heart Chakra!

The End Will Most Certainly Be The Beginning As Your Friends From Many Places Stand With You!

In Light You Are One Love!

I Love You So!