Neioh - Zenox From Zeno

Beloved Friends Of Light!

In These Brief Moments Together, We Will Explore The Lives Of Another Race Unknown To You!

Having Junior Members Of The Galactic Federation As Others We Have Revealed, Will Allow You To Know These Are Souls Of Light!

The Zenox From A Star Called Zeno, Are Beautiful Souls That View Life As ONE. Zeno Is Located Outside Of The Milky Way Galaxy. The Zenox Race Are Six Feet Tall In Body Form With Two Lavender Colored Eyes And A Slit Mouth. They Breathe From The Top Center Of Their Heads. They Are Proportioned As Humans In Body Features. They Procreate With Sexual Relations And Have Close Friendships With Sharing And Love.

The Zenox Race Lives One Thousand Years By Choice. They Give Up Their Body Form Consciously And With Intent As They Look Forward To Being Children Again. They Return In Soul To Bodies Of Infants And Begin Again On Their Star. They Circulate Light With Hearts Of Pulsating Light. They Have No Disease And Enjoy The Creativity Within From The Light Of God. Created Before Elohim, They Were Discovered Living In Oneness By The Galactic Federation Who Grew To Love Them Deeply. The Deep Friendship Remains And There Are Many Visits As Motherships Bring News And Fairies Visit With Toys For All Children.

Zenox Wear No Clothing Except In Celebrations Or Meetings With Their Leader Mocuse. Their Skin Color Is Dark Blue With No Body Hair At All. They Enjoy A Paste That Continually Pours From Yellow Plants When Touched. This Satisfies And Sustains Their Body With Energy And Nutrients.

Those That Travel With The Galactic Federation Wear The Customary Blue Uniforms With Silver Boots. They Are Honored And Encouraged On Missions Where Duality Requires A Change In Their Sacred Preference Of Oneness.

Their Homes Are Crystal Structures That Resemble Castles. Light Reflects In Colors Like A Rainbow In An Ever Changing Prism. Flowers In Many Colors Respond To Singing And Speaking As Each Sound Has A Responding Movement Of Each Flower Swaying Back And Forth. Golden Trees Lean In And Listen To Joyful Sounds As They Feel The Aliveness Of Life With Consciousness. 

Crystals That Are Seen Throughout The Land Are Programmed As They Raise Frequencies And Feel Love! Beautiful Animals That Resemble Horses And Large Birds That Carry The Zenox On Their Backs Are Enjoyed By All Families. 

Vehicular Crafts In Many Styles And Sizes Are Convenient Methods Of Transportation. Crafts With High Technology Are Used For Extended Traveling With Added Features The Galactic Federation Gifted The Zenox With Love And Power!

The Zenox Sing In Beautiful Harmonies And Dance With Twirling And Spinning In Rhythm. They Enjoy Crystal Drums And Instruments Like Flutes. They Have Cultivated Their Magic With Fairies That Visit Often With Gifts And Games For All Ages.

You Will Love This Beautiful Race As You Celebrate In Sheen. They Will Greet You And Return To Zeno As A Galactic Civilization Moves Forward In Light!

I Love You So!